Coco Husk for Orchids
coco husk for orchids

Coco husk for orchids – The planting media is one of the key factors that determines if a plant can grow well or not. When it comes to planting media, besides the soil, there are other materials that make a plant thrives. And coconut husk is considered as an eco-friendlier product than peat moss, because it is a waste product that can be rapidly renewed.

One of the plants that is suitable to be planted with coco husk is orchids.

Below are some benefits of coco husk for orchids

coco husk for orchids
coco husk for orchids
  • Neutralizing the Orchids’ pH Level

Different from peat moss that is highly acidic, coconut husk has a neutral pH level. Most flowers, including orchids, and vegetable plants grow best in neutral to slightly alkaline conditions. When you use peat moss to change garden beds, you often need to add agricultural limestones to against higher acidity.

If you use coconut husk, it is not necessary to add agricultural limestones, unless the soil in your garden ha a higher pH level. With coco husk you can save money as well as energy. Besides neutralize your flowers’ pH level, this material can also store the nutrients you give to your orchids.

  • Improving Soil Drainage

Coconut husk can enhance soil drainage in plants, as well as help to maintain moisture in the soil that quickly dries. As coco husk slowly breaks down, just like peat moss, it creates air pockets in the soil, allowing excess moisture to drain away from orchid roots. Coco husk also holds moisture so that drainage doesn’t happen too fast, and the soil doesn’t completely dry.

These dual drainage and retention properties allow coconut husk to improve moisture management in both heavy clay soils and dry sandy beds.

Coco Husk For Orchids
  • Enhancing Soil Quality

The next benefit of coco husk for orchids is improving the soil quality. This material contains few nutrients so that it doesn’t add to the nutritional quality of the soil. Further fertilization or changing compost is necessary for plants that require a lot of nutrients, such as vegetables and some flowers. But some herbs develop their best flavour in low-nutrient soil.

Coco husk also increases the overall soil quality over time as it adds essential organic materials. Annual coco husk amendments can produce loose soil that most garden plants love.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Peat moss that replaces coconut husk as a soil amendment, needs centuries to grow again after being harvested. On the other hand, coco husk is completely eco-friendly because it is a waste product from coconuts. And coconut trees produce new coconuts every year. Coco husk needs a century or more to completely break down in a garbage dump.

So, it will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly if you use it as planting media in your garden.

coco husk for orchids
coco husk for orchids

If you want to use coconut husk to plant orchids, you are suggested to choose old coconut husk. And make sure you clean it first, then soak it with clean water, then with a fungicide solution. This is purposed to prevent any fungus growing in the coconut husk.

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