coco coir fibre brick 650g

Coco coir is a natural by-product of coconut that has been widely utilized in gardening. Also known as coco peat, it is available in various options including coco coir fibre brick 650g. This product is natural, biodegradable, and has a lot of benefits.

There are many other sizes to choose from, such as 300g coco peat, 500g coco peat, and 5kg coco peat. Compared to the other sizes, the 650g package is ideal for gardeners who need a growing medium for indoor plants.

What You’ll Get from Coco Coir Fibre Brick 650g

If you are clueless about this package of coco coir fibre brick, the following information helps you dive deeper into the product. However, the things you get may vary depending on the manufacturer.

  1. Highly Absorbent

Coir bricks of any size including the 650g provide excellent water retention so it can hold water better than soil. The coco coir fibre is highly absorbent because it contains corky cellular material that works like natural sponges. These tiny sponges are dried and compressed for practicality reason.

  1. Can Expand to 10L

According to the coconut fibre brick instructions, the coir needs water so it can expand and be ready to use. Coir brick typically expands by 2 or 3 times the original size in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the package. The 650g pack can expand up to 10L after being added 2 to 3L of lukewarm water.

coco coir fibre brick 650g
coir pith
  1. Free from Pathogens

Another thing you can expect from coco coir fibre brick 650g is that it is free from soil-borne pathogens. Depending on the manufacturers, the coir blocks are oven heated to 180-degree F for 30 minutes to kill pathogen eggs and larvae that can harm your plants.

However, not all coco coir bricks are sterilized. Read the label that comes along with your coco peat brick to make sure it has been sterilized or heated.

  1. Super Easy to Transport and Store

Practicality is one of the best things you can get from coco coir brick 650g. Unlike bulky coir blocks, the this 650g package is super easy to transport. Besides, it doesn’t take up much space when stored in your garden or garage.

What Is Coco Coir Used for?

The coco coir fibre brick 650g is a versatile material for various purposes, especially gardening. If you are starting nurseries, coco coir can be an ideal growing medium to promote healthy root growth. The coir texture is soft and loose, helping the plant to grow strong root.

Coco coir is also suitable for indoor plants, especially if you expect a hydroponic system. Preparing coir brick for indoor plant uses the same technique as outdoor plants. Depending on your preference, you can mix coco coir with other growing media such as perlite and soil.

Coco peat is ideal for succulents. Finding a perfect medium for succulent can be tricky but coco coir can be a practical solution. It doesn’t provide too much moisture, and yet it allows the root to uptake sufficient water.Coco coir fibre brick 650g can be an ideal package of growing medium for a wide variety of purposes like nurseries, indoor plants, and succulents. This package is super easy to transport, not to mention it is free from pathogens.


In conclusion, Coco coir, derived from coconuts, is a versatile and eco-friendly gardening material. The coco coir fibre brick 650g offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for gardeners, especially those tending to indoor plants. This product stands out for its high absorbency, ability to expand to 10L when hydrated, and being free from harmful pathogens. Additionally, its compact size facilitates easy transportation and storage. Coco coir serves various purposes in gardening, aiding in healthy root growth for nurseries, serving as a growing medium for indoor plants and succulents, and even supporting hydroponic systems. With its practicality and benefits, the coco coir fibre brick 650g emerges as a preferred option for gardening enthusiasts seeking a reliable and sustainable growing medium.

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