virgin coconut oil

It is not a secret anymore that virgin coconut oil organic brings so many benefits for health and beauty. This is why you can find this ingredient in various beauty products, especially for hair and skin. The benefits are also the reason why people switch to virgin coconut oil for cooking. Among so many products, you probably get confused to choose the best one.

Below are several things you can consider when choosing organic virgin coconut oil.

Consider Where the Coconuts are From

Coconuts are typically from Southeast Asian countries, Latin America, and Africa. This difference in locations of production will affect the taste, aroma, and quality of the virgin coconut oil. Among various countries of origin, the coconut oil from Sri Lanka and the Philippines is the most recommended one.

Both countries have the best quality control system so that the virgin coconut oil from these 2 countries are worldwide recognized. Virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka has a light taste, making it easy to consume.

Pay Attention to the Organic Certification

There are various points you have to check for labeling of organic certification. Some of them are the presence of pesticides, soil safety level, product quality, numbers of components contained, and others. Although the standards are quite the same, each country has a different organic certification label.

The organic certification used in the United States is USDA Organic, Organic EU for European countries, and Organic JAS Standards for Japan. In Indonesia, there is the SUCOFINDO certification that makes sure that the organic product is chemicals-free. Each certification label surely has met high standards and requirements.

So, choosing virgin coconut oil organic with one certification label is already safe. But you can choose the one with some certification labels, if possible.

Cold Pressed

Virgin coconut oil is processed in different ways. And this process determines the quality, flavour, and texture of the oil. In conventional oil processing, the compression process takes a short time, producing coconut oil in large quantities. Unfortunately, the oxidation process in this conventional oil processing can increase the temperature of the oil so that its quality decreases.

But things are different with the cold pressed method. The cold pressed method is a slow coconut extraction process. The temperature of the oil will not increase, maintaining the nutrients in it. You can use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for cooking, like for frying and baking.

The RBD Label

The RBD label shows that the virgin coconut oil is refined, bleached, and deodorized. But the bleaching process is not a chemical one. Instead, the coconut oil goes through the filter process to remove impurities. Coconut oil comes from copra or dried coconut kernels, which contain a lot of dust, dirt, bugs, and others.

Therefore, the bleaching process is necessary to get rid of those impurities. In this RBD process as well, the virgin coconut oil will be heated to high temperatures so that bacteria and germs disappear. So, the oil is tasteless and odorless, making this virgin coconut oil organic suitable for cooking.

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