Coconut Husk Uses

One of the coconut processing industries’ by-products is coconut husk. In a coconut fruit anatomy, the coconut husk is the external shell that covers the coconut. It is not used as food. However, it is highly used for a lot of other things. Here are some of the coconut husk uses in the modern world.

Pain Relief

Who knows that the hard shell of a coconut actually serves as an anti-inflammatory agent? This is true because traditional medicine often uses coconut husk to reduce swelling and body aches that you feel. In Brazil, this part of the coconut is also believed to be the cure for diarrhea. 

To make this traditional medicine, simply clean and wash the husk. Then, boil it in water and strain it to drink. It also helps to fight common oral bacteria that cause problems in your digestive system. Other than that, it could also serve as an anti-fungal and even antioxidant. That’s why it is used widely in the medicinal world.


The next use of coconut husk is for cleaning supplies. As stated before, it serves as a great antibacterial and antifungal. The strands of coconut husk are mixed together with charcoal powder and lemon juice. This formulation creates scrubbing pads that could clean anything from your kitchen utensils to surfaces in your house. Another easy application is to roll it into a bunch of strands and then use it to clean utensils. It should help you get rid of any unwanted grimes and oil that stick. The characteristic of the husk when met with water will be fluffy, so it won’t damage your plates or bowls. 


One of the most famous coconut husk uses is for potting medium. It is used to retain water, therefore serving as a great potting medium that could keep your plant alive. Besides supplying enough moisture for the plant, it could also balance minerals and maintain good temperature and pH in the plant media. It is also one of the eco-friendly alternatives for peat moss and surely a better one in terms of water retention. Another benefit of coconut husk is that it’s a natural product and easy to find.

House Furniture

Another use of coconut husk is house furniture. How could it serve as house furniture? Because it is sustainable, pest-resistant, and rot-resistant. It is also durable and not too hard to shape. This natural material also has a twice higher density than ebony wood. Not to mention that it is flame and water-resistant. What more could you ask for your house furniture?

Some of the furniture that you might witness using coconut husks are small accessories like drink coasters or scrubbing brushes, or even cabinetry, interior accessories design, mattress, doormats, and insulation.

That is every coconut husk uses that you can find nowadays. The coconut plant itself is very beneficial for human life. It is also a great eco-friendly choice for some products, such as cleaning and gardening supplies. It’s also easy to find and not so expensive to get.

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