Coconut Husk for Orchids

Coconut husk for orchids is a key to maintaining this beautiful flower indoor. Growing orchids with coconut husk need to be done with the right technique and regular care can produce high-value orchid plants. As we know, orchids are one type of ornamental plant can become a profitable business opportunity if cultivated properly. This ornamental plant commodity is in demand by the market based on the rarity of the species, the beauty of the flowers, the speed at which they flower, and the durability of their blooms. Rare orchids with beautiful flowers and long blooming power can make orchid plants have high prices. For this reason, flower plants that have over 20,000 species and hybrid crosses of about 1000 types are often people’s leading choice for interior and exterior decoration at home.

Most popular orchids such as Arachnis, Phalaenopsis, and Phapiopedilim are cultivate with planting media such as coconut husk for orchids. For several reasons, most orchid gardeners choose to cultivate orchid plants with coconut trees. First, compared to other media, coconut husk has a very good water storage capacity. The freshness and humidity of flower plants, which are important commodities in the world horticultural market, can be maintaine. In addition, this product itself also contains the nutrients needed by this beautiful flowering plant. In addition, many farmers choose coconut husk for orchids because this material is easy to get. The price set by the seller is quite affordable for orchid cultivation business people.

How to use Coconut Husk for Orchids?

For those of you who intend to beautify the exterior and interior of the house with orchid plants or want to open an orchid cultivation business opportunity. First, you need to select and preparing Coconut Husk for Orchids. In preparing this product as a medium for growing orchids, buy old coconut husks. In addition, you also need to soak it in a functional solution before combining it with orchid seeds. Then it would help if you washed. In the soaking process, the coconut husk must go through two soaking processes. The first wet process uses plain clean water while the second soaking process is with a fungicide solution. After, that this product need to be soaked in water for about 6 hours.

Next enter the following process, which is draining and drying the coconut husk for orchids. Coconut husk soaked twice in water and a fungicide solution can’t be directly connect to the orchid you bought. The coir must first be dry. Draining and drying processes can brought out simultaneously. After the coconut husk is dry enough but ready to be moist, you can wrap it with the orchids you bought. Usually, when the orchid plant is still new, the coconut coir wrapped around the orchid flower is place in an ordinary pot or hanging pot. Do not forget to put the pot in a location that is not directly expose to sunlight.

How to Maintenance Coconut Husk Orchids?

For maintenance, you can water the orchid flowers every morning and evening. In addition, you also need to replace the coconut husk that is too damp. So that the orchid plants can continue to grow correctly. The preparation of coconut coir as a substitute for weathered coconut coir is like the first used coconut coir practice. The coconut fiber is clean before being use as a substitute for coconut fiber. In addition, you also have to keep the orchids plant on coconut husks from being expose to rainwater. Why? This is because excessive rainfall can cause orchid plants to rot quickly. You can click this WhatsApp link to contact us directly: (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] for more information.