Coco Husk for Plants

Coco husk for plants is a product that has many uses in the garden. As a specialized growing medium, this product for plants is more environmentally friendly because it uses a product to reduce the waste of the coconut industry. Also, this material is abundant, and renewable. This primary material of coconut husk will not harm the forest by harvesting it too much. Besides that, as gardeners, we know you can’t simply put a plant in the ground expect it to thrive. With the help of good planting, soil, topsoil, and ground cover. We can use all in combination to make your plants grow healthier. This product is one product you can consider as your next planting soil for better growth for your plant.

When you want to use this product for the first time. You need to know about this coconut husk for plants. Although gardeners have used coconut husks for a long time. Many people are still unfamiliar with this coconut by-side product growing medium. Husking the fibrous portion of the coconut, known as coconut coir, dates back to the 80s. Back then, commercial flower growers found coconut husk allowed the roots of roses and other flowering plants to grow on it. Since this innovation, gardening with coconut husk products has grown in popularity. However, coconut coir is still unknown to many home gardeners and even more for professional landscapers or flower industries despite all its benefits.

What is the benefit of using Coconut husk for plants?

There are many options of planting mediums when you visit a local landscaping supply store, each of its lists of benefits. You want to consider several factors when choosing the right product for your need for plants drainage, nutrient density, and acidity level. Your planting medium is essential, so you don’t want to decide based on cost alone. Coconut husk for plants product has many desirable qualities that home gardeners look for such as good water retention. This water retention is the first reason coconut husk makes for such an excellent growing medium. Because it is natural to keep the water for a long time.

Coco Husk for Plants- This coconut husk for plants is a good option for planting medium for aeration. It can happen because Fibrous coconut husk expands so that it allows for excellent aeration for the roots of your plants. Some planting mediums tend to become too dense around plants, causing the plant to suffocate. However, coconut husk’s product lets oxygen flow freely around plant roots, which helps maintain the health of your plants faster and ultimately allows them to grow larger.

Besides it, many planting mediums on the market are simply not environmentally friendly. Using this coconut husk for plants is a smart choice if you’re looking to limit your environmental impact. It is because the product of coconut by-side is an easily renewable resource. That means that producers of coconut husk products can rely on a constant supply of raw materials every time. And then, coconut trees rarely require pesticides and other chemicals to maintain their health. So by these decisions, you made an environmentally responsible choice. If you need more information contact our customer service  (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected].