Coco Husk Bedding

Coco husk bedding – Coco husk for bedding is a good product for you who own a pet. Such as a reptile, hamster, and many more. First, you need to know that their habitat. Like reptiles, lives in sandy desert and forests when you have a pet. You can keep many kinds of reptiles as pets, such as snakes, frogs, lizards, bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, and so on. Then, when you keep these animals for your pet, the key to maintaining their health and longevity is making such a place their natural habitat. There are many things to consider, such as non-toxic material, all-natural, and cost to keep it. This article will tell you all you need to know about coco husk bedding for your reptile.  

Using coco husk bedding has benefits that suit your need to maintain your pet, like non-toxic, all-natural, and cost-effective. Also, by using this product, you can improve your pets’ habitats to grow healthier and stronger. You can enjoy maintaining or keeping your reptile in your place by using this coco husk. If you are unfamiliar with this product, you can consider it an option because of its benefits. You can use coco fiber in dry form or with moisture added. Making it flexible depends on the pets you keep or the preferences of various pets. Not only that, you can use this material in the tank for many pets besides reptiles. Such as, hamsters, mice, but more than a vivarium.

The Benefits of Using Coco Husk Bedding

When you use coco husk bedding for a pet in a tank, the cage’s appearance becomes more natural and pleasing to the eye. Primarily if you use this for a reptile that lives in the desert, it will look of your tank will look like a raw dessert. And then pets did not easily swallow this product. This is because the texture of the coco husk beds is more significant than any other bedding. Coco husk as natural bedding has benefits such as keeping the moisture and keeping your pets’ life quality. Last but not least, air and the natural smell of animal waste easily absorbed this coco husk. So, you don’t have to maintain your reptile’s cage all the time.

To set up this coco husk for bedding, you need to hydrate it for use with your reptile. I sell this product either loose or in a lightweight compressed block. First, you need to put husk in a big container or buckets and add a gallon of clean water. Let the coco husk soak in the water for an hour to expand fully. After that, stir this husk by hand, spreading the moisture even breaking apart and remaining clumps. So you can apply the coco husk in the tank or terrarium. With a thickness of at least 2 or 5 centimeters. Replace all the reptile coco husks for bedding monthly to keep your pet healthy and clean in your tank. Using this material also saves a lot of money. Because this material is available at an affordable price rather than any bed for reptiles.

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