coir fiber korea

You can use coir fiber Korea for daily life. Because so many people view coconut fiber as waste, few people use it to get the benefit. In reality, a closer look reveals a business possibility based on coconut fiber.

A hydroponic growing medium can be made of processed coconut fiber. If so, soil cannot be used in the process of planting plants. In other words, using coconut fiber as a substitute for other land-based solutions is a possibility.

Uses of Coir Fiber for Daily Life

There are some practical applications for coir fiber Korea, such as

–          Coir Fiber for Cooking Fuel

Utilizing coconut fiber as cooking fuel is its primary advantage. Before oil stoves and gas stoves were invented, people always used coconut shells and coir as fuel. The benefits of coconut fiber mean it can still be used as fuel for the material of charcoal briquettes even if modern fuel utilization is more advanced.

–          Coir Fiber for Planting Medium

In contrast to peat moss, which has a very acidic pH level, coconut coir has a neutral pH level. So if it is used as a planting medium, it will encourage healthy plant growth, especially for vegetables and flowers. In neutral to alkaline growing media conditions, plants can thrive, including those for vegetables and flowers. Acidic soil typically requires a combination of lime and sand if you merely use soil as a planting medium. However, if you cover it with coconut husk, you can avoid using limestone.

–          Coir and Coco Fiber for Handicrafts

The ability to be used as a high-end handcraft material is another advantage of coco fiber. Utilization of coconut fiber waste in Interior and Furniture planning, a research publication, discovered that coconut coir may be turned into a variety of goods. Including cocopeat, coco fiber, coco pot, coco fiberboard, and coir. After being used to make some of these products, coco fiber can be recycled into a variety of handicrafts. Its including foot mats, beds, plant pots, dolls, and tiny displays.

How to Choose the Best Quality

How should a buyer select a reliable coir fiber supplier who can deliver a large quantity of quality coconut fiber each month? Listed below are 3 easy steps you can follow:

First off, excellent-grade coconut fiber has a moisture content below 20%; moisture affects a product’s quality. Additionally, the total gross weight of the shipment will not drop when it reaches the port of China, saving both the exporter and the importer a significant amount of money.

Second, “the purer the product, the fewer contaminants.” When raw materials are not carefully chosen and production equipment is out-of-date, contaminants will attach to coconut fiber. As a result, the quality of the completed carpet, mattress, or sofa will not be as desired when it is employed as a raw material.

Thirdly, the spot is the most straightforward step since healthy coconut fiber will shine in brilliant yellow.

Before you contact a coir fiber supplier, you had better apply the three tips above to find the best quality of coir fiber for your needs. It is essential to double-check the quality, especially when you need to use coir fiber to make products for profit. You can search for coir fiber in our website, You can also click here to get the best quality of coir fiber.