shredded coconut fiber

Shredded Coconut Fiber – Coconut, a fruit with a great many benefits. From the fruit to the tree, all parts of it can be utilized. One of them is the skin and coir. Usually this part very often becomes waste and is no longer needed.

Actually, the coir part is very useful for some purposes such as for plants and creating products that have other benefits. So what are the uses of shredded coconut fiber, here we have prepared some information about its benefits.

Shredded Coconut Fiber, Waste Full of Uses

Coconut is a tall tree and also has large fruits, this is a type of tree that is widely used. Especially for those who live in the tropics that tend to be warmer. The whole part can be utilized, and one of them is the fiber.

What are the Uses of Coconut Fiber

Below is a list of some of the uses of coconut husk fiber that you need to know:

1. Paper Replacement Combustion Media

For those who often make charcoal from coconut husk, they also often have to use coir as a medium to burn coconut husk. You can also see the activity of using coir as a grill in restaurants in Padang instead of paper. This is due to the nature of the coir itself which is flammable and can produce good fire.

2. Manufacture Of Organic Fertilizers

Who would have thought, it turns out that the benefits of coconut husk can be processed and also used as a type of organic fertilizer. This organic coconut shell fertilizer is able to divert 60% more water than ordinary fertilizer. This will certainly be very beneficial for areas with low rainfall or areas experiencing drought.

3. Neutralizes The Smell Of Water And Cement In The Newly Built Fish Pond

For fish farming entrepreneurs, both ornamental fish and farmed fish placed in cement tanks, of course coconut shells are familiar to your ears. Yes, coir is often used to neutralize the moisture content of newly built ponds, and is also used to remove cement odors from ponds.

4. Production Of Environmentally Friendly Briquettes

As it turned out, coir also has an excellent advantage for making briquettes. So far, as we know, briquettes are only made of coal, but it turns out that briquettes can also be processed and made from waste materials, including coir.

This is certainly an interesting discovery, because in addition to being environmentally friendly, the production cost of making briquettes will be much cheaper than using charcoal.

5. Coconut Net Making

Coir net is one of the processed forms of the benefits of coir which is shaped like a net. This coir net is generally used to prevent landslides in areas with stairs, to minimize the occurrence of landslides in an area.

Final Words

Above is a list of the uses of shredded coconut fiber that you need to know. Hopefully, the information above can help you know the benefits of coconut husk and love nature more. If you interest to know more information about shredded coconut fiber and other coconut products, you can visit our website. You can also click link WhatsApp here to connect directly with us.