Coconut Fiber Substrate for Planting

Coconut fiber substrate is now widely used for hydroponic and planting media. It becomes a perfect option for a variety of crops so that many growers worldwide move using this material. It is not only naturally sustainable but also contains unique properties that support plant’s growth. 

Although this material has many uses, its uses in agriculture have gained more popularity. The layer surrounds coconut shell is the part that commonly taken for agricultural and planting uses. This part has many benefits for plants and is safe for the environment. 

Coconut Fiber Substrate for Planting

A thick fibrous layer that wrapped the hard shell of the coconut needs to be firstly separate to produce coconut fiber substrate. They commonly soak the husk in the water so that this part can be more easily separate. This part then is dry and crushed into smaller parts.

Coco fiber for agriculture- Taken from the strong and durable material of coconut husk, coco fiber is strongest natural fiber because it contains a high amount of lignin. That’s why it is to create in order to products that can support daily high traffics such as brushes and doormats. 

In agricultural use, I use coconut fiber substrate as weed control mat. It holds the water to make the plan remains hydrated and get its nutrients but let the weed out. Coco fiber protects the plants from moisture damage which commonly cause rotting and molds and provides oxygen to plant’s roots.

The benefits of coco fiber substrate for plants

There are several benefits of this material when used for planting media. This part of coconut shell is not only good for the plants but also for the environment. Here are important things you should know about using coco fiber substrate as soulless growing media. 

  1. Becomes an ideal place for naturalistic terrariums and will create good terrarium bedding where you can grow various kinds of plants inside, even when it includes reptiles, invertebrates, or amphibians. It is because this material made an ideal drainage layer so that plants can grow optimally. Control the humidity by holding enough amount of water that required by plants to grow while also release some to prevent soaking. That’s why you will find no rotting roots when using coconut fiber substrate. 
  1. Provides a perfect damp for many tropical species. It naturally absorbs and gets rid of odor. It is really important especially if you want to grow any plants indoor. Using this material will be really helpful to make your surrounding smell neutral. 
  2. Coco fiber substrate is a green product. It is environmentally friendly and can be easily decomposed. When it is added to the soil, it won’t contaminate it and both of them support the plant’s growth while have a great function to manage the moisture. 

Whether you are pros or beginners, using coconut fiber substrate can be an asset for you in growing plants. It will not only provide an effective material for your plants to grow but also can help them grow optimally and you will be less worried about any disease or fungal problems. 

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