Coco Fiber Planter

Another product which is made from brown coconut fiber is coco fiber planter. Since the natural fibers taken from the ripe coconut husk are strong, they are not only made into brushes and door mats but also things to support plant’s growth. Some of the popular products today are planters and hanging baskets. 

Coconut planters become an alternative option to ceramic or clay pots because they are more lightweight. Besides, they serve as natural and breathable media for plants to grow since it enables plants to receive oxygen better. It looks attractive as well and can add visually appealing look to your garden or house. 

The Reasons of Using Coco Fiber Planter

Moving to more eco-friendly products means you take part in saving the environment. There are many reasons why people now are getting interested to use this natural planter. Perhaps its benefits and wide variety of options become one of the main considerations. 

  • The advantages of using coco planter

Coco fiber planter offers several advantages for your planting needs. It has a good ability in holding enough amount of water while gradually seep through to enable plant’s root gets the required amount. It also serves as a great drainage which provides a breathable place for plants to live. 

Hanging baskets, as an example, can reabsorb water fast when they become too dry, making the plants inside stay hydrated. The organic materials used to create this planter come with a neutral pH. It comprises a small amount of phosphorus and potassium to support plant’s growth. 

Most hanging baskets made from coconut fibers also contain antifungal and anti-disease properties. Hence, it can prevent your plants to be attacked by fungus or other plant diseases. 

Types of coco planter

Coco fiber planter is available in a wide variety of options. You can discover coconut planter in many types of shapes and sizes to meet different planting needs. Even many of them are water-saving which are suitable for indoor plants. It well known coconut planter with its great ability in absorbing water. 

However, you also need to remember that it is porous so that it can dry quickly. That is why rechecking the planter is important when you use it to grow plants. Doing so helps you to know when your plants need water and make it remains received their watering needs. 

To support the plant’s growth optimally, you can select either a liner shaped planter or hanging basket. Coconut liner planter will fit the shape of your pot or container. You just need to place it on top of the pot and press it down until it comes inside. Then, you can fill it with soil and plant. 

Like its name, coconut hanging baskets are more popularly used for small and flowery plants. We often combine this type with wires so that someone can securely hang somewhere it as well as hold the plants and soil inside. Both coconut liner and hanging basket can give an appealing addition to any house. 

Move to coco fiber planter to make your plants grow optimally while protecting the environment. Place it in your garden and make it be a natural attraction there. If you have questions about Coco Fiber, you can ask our customer service to get help (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: for more information.