Coco Fiber for Reptile

Reptile coconut fiber – When you want to pet reptiles, you need to know first that their habitat is in the sandy desert and forests. We can keep many kinds of reptiles as pets like snakes, lizards, frog, bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, and many more. The environment of your reptile is key to maintaining its health and longevity. Using coco fiber can help you create the same environment with your reptile living natural habitat. Using reptile coconut fiber, non-toxic, all-natural, cost-effective, can improve your pets’ habitats to grow healthier and more robust. Also, you can enjoy maintaining or keep your reptile in your place. If you are new with coconut fiber, you need first to consider this product. 

You can use reptile coconut fiber in dry form or with moisture added; making it flexible depends on the pets you keep or the preferences of various pets. You can use this material in the tank for many pets besides reptiles, like hamsters, mice, or more vivarium. This product offers several benefits to both the pets and the owners. This can happen because coconut giber absorbs and keeps water as well and efficiently. Adding moisture to coconut fiber to the reptile habitat helps maintain proper humidity like their natural habitats. This is a method suit for several species of reptiles living in tropical climates. For reptiles that are more active in their tank, coconut fiber can cushion landings or falls and avoid injuries. Also, for some animals that like to dig, it can be entertaining to live on it.

How coconut fiber for reptile set up?

We sold reptile coconut fiber either loose or in a lightweight compressed block. If you buy it brick from in a store. You need to hydrate it, put coir in a big container or buckets and add a gallon of clean water. Let the coir soak in the water for an hour. After that, mix coir by hand, spreading the moisture even breaking apart and remaining clumps. You also need to wring out a little of excess water from it. Then apply the coconut fiber in the tank with a thickness of at least 2 or 5 centimeters. You will need 750 grams of coconut fiber block to spread it at the recommended thickness across the bottom of a 40-gallon tank. Store unused coconut fiber immediately for later use. Please keep it in a sealed container to keep it fresh and prevent unwanted animals from making themselves at home.

How is the maintenance of coconut fiber for reptile?

Coco fiber is magnificently keeping water for reptile. Also crucial for you to check that your coconut fiber stays moist to your reptile’s preference that lives tropical nature. You just need to spray the coconut fiber bedding with fresh water if you find it’s becoming too dry. Check your bedding for adequate moisture and pet waste daily. Just remove the coconut fiber soil and replacing it with a fresh one that you already store in a container. Replace all the reptile coconut fiber bedding monthly to keep your pet healthy and clean in your tank. It’s easy, right? Also, this material is affordable rather than any other soil, so you can save a lot of money by using this product.

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