Coco Fiber Benefits and Drawbacks for Planting Medium

Coco fiber Benefits and Drawbacks for Planting Medium – If you love coconut and love our planet, coco fiber may be the suitable planting medium for you, as it is just the cast-off clothing from a harvested coconut. Using this material than any other conventional soil is a win-win for environmental responsibility. Coco fiber is becoming popular because of its use as an eco-friendly planting medium. You can plant directly in this material, or you can also mix it with other beneficial soil. This planting medium comes at a relatively low price. You can get a lot of benefits from it. This is a great planting medium for many plants, especially if you are new to planting. 

You need to know that coco fiber is one of three main coconut coir products. The fiber is the hair-like part of the coconut husk. Cocopeat or coconut pith is a finely ground product that looks like peat moss also can be an excellent planting medium for your plants. And the last is coconut chips, which look like wood chips and absorb moisture like clay pellets. Many manufacturers sell coco fiber naturally or woven into mats to lining window baskets and wire hanging planters. We can also use Coco fiber as raw material for spring beds, mattresses, carpets, ropes, and modern car seats. But In this article, we will focus on discussing the benefits and drawbacks of this material for planting medium.

Reason to plant in Coco fiber

Why plant in coco fiber? We all know the “reduce, reuse, and recycled” is the excellent key to save our environment. While it may seem a bit hard, the core message could save our planet. Coco fiber is the husk of the coconut that has been soaked in water for up to one week and then spun into a fiber-like product. These fibers are solid and can be compressed without damaging them. The fiber is dry and pressed into pots, discs, or woven and bagged up our mulch. These products also store and sell into hanging basket liners.

The sustainability of this product is the main reason for the Coco Fiber benefits, of this product. You can reuse coco fiber, unlike many other planting mediums. This material is also harvested in safe products and 100% organic material. The average mature coconut tree can produce more than 150 nuts each year. In Indonesia, coconut can have more than 15 billion coconuts per year. So this material will not harm the environment because of harvesting. This material also increases water and aeration, which is excellent for plants. Coco fiber can soak up ten times its weight in water. This is a good solution if you want to use this planting medium un a hydroponic system. This material eases of use and has few issues. It also has anti-fungal properties, so your plant will go healthier.

Things you have to notes

Coco fiber Benefits and Drawbacks for Planting Medium – Coco fiber is hard to find if you do not live in a coastal area, but you can easily find this coco fiber in an online store or trusted coconut fiber producer. Coco fiber has salt, so there is slight electrical conductivity on the water in a growing medium. You can prevent this by cleansing to reduce the salt containe in that product. Lastly, this material doesn’t contain any nutrients, so you need to add additional fertilizer or compost to your planting medium. Using this material as your planting medium is still more beneficial to our environment otherwise, burned is and environmentally conscious. This material is a versatile soil that can place endangered peat.

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