coconut fiber uses

A coconut tree is known as a tree whose all parts of it can be useful for humans, starting from the leaves, stems, and fruit, to its shell. However, have you ever thought that coconut fiber also has many benefits that maybe not many people know about? So far, maybe the benefits of coconut fiber are known only as a tool for washing dishes. While in fact, there are still many coconut fiber uses that are not only useful for our daily life. It also can make money. Are you curious about it? Here are some of the coconut fiber uses that we have summarized from various sources only for you!

1. Craft

Have you ever seen handicrafts made from coconut fiber? Coconut fiber can be used as a high-value handicraft material if we use it correctly and know the stages to make it. But of course by going through various stages beforehand so that we can continue to the next steps. Not only that but we also need a creativity skill to be able to create many forms that are rarely seen in the market so that they have more selling value. Various forms of handicrafts that can be made from coconut fiber are key chains, pillows, plant pots, and so on.

2. Vehicle Seats

Have you ever sat on a car seat that is made of coconut fiber? Or have you just found out that another coconut fiber uses is to make environmentally friendly car seats? If yes, then we are the same. This is a new thing for some people. Many people think that car seats will be made of something soft like a sponge. But apparently, this can also be made from coconut fiber, of course, by going through several stages that are not easy.

Starting from preparing the best coconut fiber; the one that produces fine fibers, not those that are still coarse. Then, put the material into the car seat mold and press it until it is completely solid. This process takes a long time because you have to make sure that there isn’t a space that can damage the shape of the car seat, later when it’s been given a layer of leather. After you’re done with that, you can cover the coconut fiber with leather to make it look neater.

3. Cleaning Tools for Home Use

This is another coconut fiber uses that is not foreign to us either. Besides the floor mats, several household items are made from coconut fiber, for example, brooms, brushes, and dishwashing sponges. Using coconut fiber in various cleaning tools is not for no reason. This material is in great demand because it can thoroughly clean existing stains, and is also considered more durable than other materials. So it’s no wonder that many housewives choose to use this material.

4. Make a Fertilizer for Your Plants

To keep plants growing well, of course many things must be considered, one of which is the fulfillment of nutrients. This can be done by providing fertilizer. Coconut fiber can be used as an ingredient in making a liquid organic fertilizer. Do you know why coconut fiber can be used as an ingredient for making organic fertilizer? This is because coconut fiber contains elements of potassium which can strengthen the stems and roots of plants, as well as stimulate fruit growth so that they quickly produce sweeter and more fragrant fruit.

5. Floor Mats

Another coconut fiber uses that is not strange for us is a floor mat. This is because this floor mat is often encountered in our everyday life. Many people choose to use this type of mat, especially in public places, because this mat doesn’t get dirty easily, and is also able to clean footwear quickly so it can save time.

Another advantage of using this type of mat is it will dry faster than the usual mat that is made from cloth. So we don’t need to worry if the weather outside is always raining. Then, do you know how to make it? Turns out, it’s very easy. We can do it only by mixing the existing coconut husk into one mold so that it becomes thick and strong. After that, do the pressing process so that it is solid and let it stand for 1 to 2 days before removing it from the mold.

Alright, guys! Those are the various coconut fiber uses that people rarely know and realize, even though, turns out we can find it all around us. We also told you the stages of how to make them. So, do you want to try it?

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