Coco Fiber Mat

Keep Your House Clean and Green with Coco Fiber Mat- Coco fiber mat offers a great addition to your eco-friendly house. As you are more aware to environmental sustainability and use solar electricity or recycled water, other smaller things such as coco doormats will complete your home. It is such a small thing but help you save environment. 

We create this doormat from long and brown fibers which are from the coconut husk. It becomes a safer alternative to synthetic doormats which might cause allergic reactions to some people. It is a biodegradable product that doesn’t damage the environment when it isn’t longer used.

Knowing More about Coco Fiber Mat

Since products made from coco fiber including doormats are now gaining more popularity. It can be useful if you know how it is produce and how it can help you save the environment. Not to mention about its benefits of uses in different settings. 

  • How coconut fiber mat is made?

Doormat is from brown fibers of the coconut husk since they are stronger than the white ones. After we take coconuts from the trees, we separate the coconut fibers from the husk. Then, the fibers are netlike to make into yarn. 

In doormat production, sometimes bleaching is include in the step when they want to make doormat with other colors. However, since this process uses hydrogen peroxide, people who aware with environmental concerns prefer coco fiber mat with natural color, which brown. 

Something might dye as well some coconut doormats to create a variety of color options. Hence, it serves not only as an eco-friendly household thing but also a visually interesting addition to your doorway entrance. 

  • How does coconut fiber mat work?

Since coconut doormats are create from strong natural fibers, it can support daily heavy foot traffics. The fibers that intertwined in the doormats help to release the water. It enables water to seep through and comes into the ground instead of absorb it inside the fibers which might cause molding.  

Coco fiber mat commonly is available at least in 1 inch thickness so that you don’t need any additional support to keep it on its place. The fibers have bristle texture that is also effective to clean dirt and mud from the shoes, preventing rotting and molding in a damp weather.

  • How to clean coconut fiber mat?

Interestingly, although it is from natural materials, coco fiber mat requires easy cleaning. All you have to do to keep it clean is scrapping the mud away with equipment like a spatula or garden hoe. Otherwise, you can let the mud dry first and brush its surface.

You might wash it occasionally to remove dirt particles that cannot be clean with brush or spatula. After being wash, you can hang it somewhere to let it dry. This mat can last around 10 years but if it breaks down. You can put in the compost pile so that it can be naturally degraded. 

Use coco fiber mat to keep your house clean while also protecting the environment since it comes from natural materials. Take benefits of the easy cleaning and long lifespan so that you don’t cause many waste. Click our website Indonesiacocopeat or contact us via WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: [email protected] for more information.