Coco Fibre Sheet

Coco fibre sheet- Coco fibre sheet is a material that is now widely used for various types of industries. This is a solution for manufacturers or factories that need environmentally friendly materials. It will manufacture coconut fibre that has been process to become an item that has value. This is a very profitable thing because besides being able to be processed into useful goods, coconut fibre also does not cause damage to nature. Some factories need coconut fibre for the production of mats, brushes, and materials to make fabrics. The material that are more environmentally friendly. No wonder the demand for coco fibre sheet has proliferated in the last decade.

Trusted Coco Fibre Sheet Supplier from Indonesia

Given the enormous demand for coco sheet from manufacturers or factories, you should be able to get high-quality goods. We are a supplier that can make sure you get what you need. Our experience in processing coconut waste into high-value fibres will help you achieve optimal production. With a high level of processing, we can produce over 3000 meters per month. Coco fibre sheet from our company is available in roll packaging measuring 25 meters per sheet. But if you need personalization, we can provide according to the size you want. You are free to customize and we’ll try to process your request.

We ensure that every product we have has also gone through strict supervision, making every coconut fibre sheet of high quality. In addition, thanks to the processing with high-tech machines, we can ensure that each sheet of coconut fibre meets the specifications you need.

We guarantee the packaging and shipping process safe because they do everything by professionals. Who have high experience in this field for many years. You will get quality products at affordable prices. Considering that we have abundant sources as raw materials for coco fibre sheet. Therefore coconut fibre from our country is slightly less expensive. 

Coco Fibre Sheet Price

As one of the tropical countries with abundant coconut trees, we have raw materials which are then processed into high-quality coco fibre sheets. The abundance of raw materials makes the costs required to process coconut sheet well controlled. As a result, consumers will benefit because they can get the best quality products at a reasonable price. Even if you buy in bulk, we can make special offers so you get the best price. So you are free to customize the wide, length, and thickness, and you can have time to get a discount when you buy it in bulk. Does that sound good to you?

Buying coco sheet from our company will give your factory a lot of benefits. Now you can boost the production without having to raise the cost. Call us and you will not regret it when you choose us as your supplier. Our customer service team is waiting for you!  (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] for more information.