coir fencing

Coir fencing has been designed to ease the making process of defensive geocell and to stabilize the embankment where the soil layers are risky to slippery during the formation of vegetation. Coir fencing can hold and strengthen the fragile surface coat and gives a stable condition for bounding root mass effectively to the development and penetrate the undersoil layer. 

Functions of Coir Fencing 

Building coir fencing in the surrounding helps you to handle embankments. You get some benefits and functions when you use it. There will be some functions to use a coir fencing feature. What are they? 

1. Being An Axis

It can act as an axis to support water infiltration to reduce the surface and repair soil drainage. You can use it to fix and improve the drainage system and make everything well. It makes the soil layer stronger. 

2. Support Sedimentation

This fencing system also helps for a water edge system. It is useful to support sedimentation and growth of grass. It is helpful for those people requiring a clean environment. A coir fencing diamond network will lose energy from the upcoming waves while trapping and filtering sediment from the water to pass it. The fencing system protects new sediment layers. The grass will grow and form well. 

coir fencing
3. Synthetic Geotextile 

It provides a good fibre alternative flexibly and naturally for synthetic geotextile. It cannot degrade solid engraving to an expensive masterpiece. The desired solution ecologically and economically is eco-friendly with the rooting fibre for 10 years integrating into the soil and developing a root network. 

Features of Coir Fencing 

There are some features of coir fencing to know when you want to install it. What are they? 

1. Geocell is fully rooted and unravelled. You do not get worried that it contaminates the surrounding environment. 

2. Soil Retention. It is good for maintaining soil retention and condition. 

3. Soil Stabilization

When you install it to strengthen the embankment, it is a good option. You can maintain soil stabilization on the embankment. 

4. Reducing Rainwater

It is useful to reduce the rainwater on the soil. 

5. Sediment Filter 

When you use coir fencing, you will get the things that you want. It can become a catcher and filter for sediments and soil layers. 

6. Eco-Friendly 

It also becomes a good solution for the obstacle of the soil. It is an eco-friendly solution for your embankment. Of course, you can handle it anytime. 

7. Easy to Install 

It is also easy to install. You can set it on the soil and embankment anytime you want. The specifications are pure fibre yawn on both sides. The quality is the best one with two layers. It is a weave count with comfortable space for coir fencing. It is a good option for holding and maintaining the wall and embankment. 

Those are some things about coir fencing. You can use it to border and hold the embankment to make it stronger. It is also a decorative detail of your environment.  

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