wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine or wood pellet press or wood pellet mill is very popular around the world. With the biomass energy development, there are various production techs to convert the biomass into heat & electricity. A wood pellet maker is a typical machine to do it. This machine turns raw materials into high-efficient biomass fuel. Moreover, the raw material conversion into more energy-dense forms facilitates transport, use, and storage. Since the future of biomass is developing, a wood pellet maker is more & more crucial for life & industry.

 A wood pellet mill is a type of machine you can use to process the raw materials such as leaves, straw, peanut shell, wood, sawdust, etc. Today, there are many kinds of pellet machine in the market. Flat die pellet machines & ring die pellet machines belong to the most popular types. For your information, a wood pellet maker can process raw materials in different sizes. Besides that, you can customize the pellet size by the hammer mill.

Wood Pellets Making Process

There are homemade pellet mills as well as complete pellet plants to choose for different applications. You can also call the homemade pellet mill a small pellet mill. However, it is easy to handle & can meet the needs of home use. Meanwhile, the factory usually uses the complete plant.

Homemade Wood Pellet Machine

As its name, a homemade wood pellet machine is suitable for home use. Due to its benefits, you can make wood pellets at home using a small pellet mill by yourself. And you can use wood pellets as fuel for the fireplace, BBQ, or home heating.

There are 4 types for homemade pellet mill to choose, including gasoline motor, PTO, diesel, and electric motor. Then, how does it work? It depends on the type of the machine. For example, if you use an electric pellet machine, you have to turn it on first. After that, you must put the raw materials into the machine. Ideally, you put 15% used oil, 65% biomass raw materials, and 20% sand if the pellet machine is first work.

After that, the pellet machine starts to work. When putting the raw materials into the working room, the biomass will spread on the millstone. Then, the spindle will drive the disc to rotate. And, the pressure roller will roll over the raw materials continuously & squeeze the material into the die hole. After a certain time period being extruded in a cylindrical state, the raw materials will undergo the forming & preservation process in the die hole. The cutter, then, cuts down the material formed pellets. After grinding, the machine will shape all the materials into pellets. The pellets need no glue or water to molding. That’s the homemade pellet mill procedure.

In short, we have discussed the homemade wood pellet machine and the work procedure of the wood pellet plant. Of course, the pellet plant and homemade pellet mill have own benefits. You can select the most suitable pellet machine according to your demand.

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