wood pellet fot cat litter

If you have a cat, cat litter is a must need. In fact, most cats adapt to any type of litter easily. Meanwhile, other cats tend to be fussy with ones they didn’t use when they’re kittens. So, wood pellet for cat litter is a good option. Some cats like it because of the large particle & pine-fresh smell. Even more, environmentally-conscious owners love this kind of litter because it is natural, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

How Often Should You Change Wood Pellet for Cat Litter?

You need to completely change the wood pellet litter at least once& replace all the litter. While there’re still pellets to soak up your pet’s business, the wood pellet cat litter will never smell.

Ideally, you must spot-clean the litter tray every day. You should scoop out the cat poo & sawdust every day when cleaning the litter box. If you leave the tray to be dirty, your cat will prefer using the floor instead.

You have to keep in mind that wood pellet litter absorbs liquid & odors. Besides that, it crumbles into sawdust, settling at the bottom of the cat litter box. Then, the fresh wood pellets remain on top. On the market, you can find special sifting litter boxes that automatically remove the sawdust.

Benefits of Wood Pellet for Cat Litter

You need to know that it belongs to the most cost-effective cat litters available on the market. Besides that, it is eco-friendly. Made of wood, it is not only renewable and biodegradable but also 100% sustainable. Then, it doesn’t get spread around the house like other kinds of cat litter. In fact, it is too large to get stuck in the cat’s paws.

In addition, it offers less dust than other types of cat litter. Moreover, it is highly absorbent & can take over 500% of its weight, making it last longer. Even more, the high absorbency helps with the smell because it neutralizes odors soaking up urine. One more thing, it smells good as it comes with the natural wood scent.

When using it, make sure to not overfill the cat litter box because the pellets expand & swell up to 3x their volume when wet. They must cover the whole surface & must be around 1” in depth. We all know that wood pellet litter is a famous option among cat owners as it is eco-friendly & cost-effective. However, you have to freshen it up regularly. Mostly, cat owners need to change it completely once every 3 weeks.

How to Use Wood Pellet for Cat Litter

Firstly, provide a suitable tray for your cat. Secondly, fill it with wood pellet litter about 2-4cm deep. When wood pellets are wet, they will expand in size. Therefore, you shouldn’t over fill the litter tray. You have to inspect the tray every day & remove any solids. Besides that, you must completely empty it & clean with a mild detergent. Make sure that the tray is dry before you refill it with wood pellet for cat litter.

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