wood pellet cat litter

There is a type of cat litter you may prefer over others. That is wood pellet cat litter. Comparing it to clay litter, it is easier on the environment, smells better, and is more cost-effective. Even more, it doesn’t track. So, you don’t have to pick cat litter off every a few meters. Moreover, you will not find cat litter in your bed again. If you want to know more about it, make sure to read this article completely and carefully.

What Is Wood Pellet Cat Litter?

Usually, wood pellet litter is made of pine, and sometimes cedarwood. To make the pellets, you have to dehydrate the wood under high heat. After that, compress them into small pellets. Surprisingly, pellets are absorbent. That’s why the work well as cat litter. Mostly, they absorb between 4-7x their weight in liquid.

There are many things to love about it. And, the fact that there’s no required chemicals or additives is a major plus. You have to keep in mind that pellets are from natural ingredients and compressed under high pressure. It doesn’t require any chemicals.

Then, wood pellets are available in different forms. There are some options you can use as cat litter. However, some people prefer using wood fuel pellets for their cats. Since you do research, it works find and saves a lot of money. Regardless of what brand of wood pellet you use, make sure that it is kiln-dried that will remove unwanted compounds from woods.

Does Wood Pellet Cat Liter Clump?

Wood pellet cat litter does not clump. Instead, when urine comes in contract with the pellets, they break apart & begin to form sawdust. Of course, you can see clearly where the urine is inside the box. You can even scoop it. However, you will not see the large clumps as you would expect in a traditional pellet litter.

For some people, this is a downside as the broken-up pellets move the bottom & accumulate over time. However, if you are already emptying your litterbox, it should not be a problem. So, if you love clumping cat litter but want to dump the clay, you should consider wood pellet litter for your cat.

How to Scoop Wood Pellet Cat Litter

You don’t need a special scooper. Actually, your existing scooper is perfect for wood pellet litter. However, you can expect if you want to use it a bit differently.

Keep in mind that when a cat pees on the wood pellets, it starts to break up into sawdust-like clumps. Since most scoopers come with narrow holes, they will be too large for wood pellets to pass through. However, they are small enough for the sawdust buts to fall. When scooping, you better place a trash bag under the scooper to collect the peed-on pellets. Then, you should dump back the clean ones into the box.

We hope that we have covered everything about wood pellet cat litter. Even though it is not perfect & no litter is, it becomes a great option for cat parents. If you interest to know more information about wood pellet and other biomass product, you can visit our website. You can also click link WhatsApp here to connect directly with us.