palm coir

Mixing the soil with a substrate is an excellent way to improve soil quality. In the past, gardeners generally use peat moss and peat to amend the soil. However, there is a sustainable issue in mining these substrates. Therefore, gardeners opt for sustainable substrates, such as palm coir or coco coir.

This particular substrate is getting more popular these days. Consequently, you can get coco coir from the nearest nursery without problems. However, does coco coir offers benefits for gardeners? Yes, of course. You will get several benefits from using this substrate in gardening.

What is Palm Coir?

Coco coir is what we call coconut fiber. It is a type of natural fiber extracted from the outer lining of a coconut shell. 

Palm coir manufacturers generally separate longer coconut coir from shorter coir. They then use the longer coconut fiber to make various products, for example, a mattress, rope, and mats. 

Moreover, they utilize the shorter fiber to make a growing medium or substrate. They sell it in the form of palm coir brick and loose coco coir. Gardeners need to soak the coconut coir in water for several hours before using it as substrate.

In extracting coconut fiber, manufacturers do not need to cut down coconut trees or damage the environment. They usually work with coconut food manufacturers or businesses. 

After the coconut food manufacturers take the coconut flesh and water, they will send the coconut waste, i.e., coconut husk and fiber, to the coco coir manufacturers. Therefore, coco coir is a byproduct of the coconut food industry and a sustainable product.

5 Benefits of Using Coco Coir in Gardening

Gardeners can use coco coir as a stand-alone growing medium and mix it with soil. Using coco coir in gardening can be beneficial for plants because this substrate has some excellent qualities. Below are 5 benefits of using coco coir in gardening.

  1. Improve Water Retaining Capacity

Coconut coir can retain water 10 times its weight. Therefore, adding this growing medium to the soil will improve the soil’s water retaining capacity. At the same time, it will not cause water clogging. 

  1. Reusable

Palm coir is reusable. You can reuse this substrate 2 or 3 times after your plants have through their growing cycle. It is particularly applicable when you use coco coir as a stand-alone growing medium.

  1. Biodegrades Slowly

Coconut fiber is biodegradable, but it biodegrades slowly. Therefore, soil mixed with coco coir will be able to retain its good texture and water retaining capacity for a long time.

  1. Help Plants Develop Strong Roots

Soil mixed with coconut coir has a better aeration capacity than pure soil. Consequently, it will help plants develop strong roots. In the end, the plants will be sturdier and have a better ability in absorbing nutrients.

  1. Prevent Weed from Growing

Coco coir used as a mulch will prevent weeds from growing on the soil. Therefore, you can minimize garden maintenance and protect your plants from weeds.

Palm coir offers many advantages for gardeners. However, to get all those advantages, you must only purchase high-quality coconut coir. If you interest to know more information about palm coir, you can visit our website. You can also click here to send a direct message with our team.