palm mat geotextile

A long time ago, humans only use palm fiber for weaving baskets and roofing. However, it is different now. Researchers have found many ways to make this natural fiber more useful for us. Several years ago, they find that palm mat geotextile is beneficial for land conservation.

Some people may not be familiar with this product. However, those who work in landscaping and land conservation have worked with this mat for several years. What is a palm geotextile mat? And how can it conserve the land? Let’s find out.

What is Palm Mat Geotextile

It is a net or mesh made of palm fiber or coco coir. Many people consider this product one of the best palm fiber products because it can solve various geotechnical engineering problems. 

The installation of this geotextile mat is not too complicated to do. Construction workers generally lay the mat on medium to steep sloping land. After that, they will fasten it so the mat will stay in place. Covering the soil with this mat will prevent erosion from occurring during heavy rain.

This mat is also applicable for other purposes, for example, making soil separators and filling gaps between roads to improve the texture of the soil. When applied on loamy soil, it will conserve the soil.

It comes in several size choices. Some manufacturers offer the mat in the size of 2 x 25 m. However, you can request customized geotextile mat sizes from certain manufacturers. In addition, it is also available in different net rope diameters.

The Key Attributes of Palm Fiber Geotextile Mat 

Geotextile mat made of palm fiber is effective in controlling land erosion and conserving soil because it has some excellent attributes.

  1. Strong

It is strong and tough. The tensile strength of palm mat geotextile is 842 to 860 N/m. In addition, it is tougher than straw mat geotextile. After a year of application, the tension strength of palm fiber mat geotextile will decrease by only 2%

  1. Light

It is also lighter than the straw mat geotextile. It weighs only around 2023g/m2.

  1. Water Retention Capacity

The best attribute of the palm geotextile mat is that it has a remarkable water retention capacity. It can absorb water in the amount of more than twice its weight.

  1. Thermal Insulation Capacity

It can significantly decrease the soil temperature in the summer or dry season. In addition, it keeps the soil moist or humid.

The Benefits

Due to the excellent attributes above, using it will give you some benefits.

  • Erosion Control: It can effectively control erosion since it reduces flow energy and erosivity.
  • Affordable: It is affordable since it is made of the byproducts of palm harvest.
  • Sustainable and Biodegradable: It is sustainable and biodegradable. Therefore, using this geotextile mat will not damage the environment.

It is an effective product to control land erosion and conserve soil. However, you cannot perform land erosion and soil conservation effectively if you use a low-quality geotextile mat.

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