palm kernel shell charcoal

The palm oil industry has bright prospects for the future. From field observations, every 1 ton of fresh palm fruit bunches obtained 21-23% Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and 5% palm kernel shells. Palm Kernel Shell is one of the palm oil processing waste which is quite large, reaching 60% of the oil production. It has the same content as wood which has fiber components such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. It has many advantages such as fuel, palm kernel shell charcoal, liquid smoke, phenol, and charcoal briquettes. Palm kernel shells are a by-product of waste solid from palm oil processing, palm shell ash has the main content of SiO2

A Waste with High Economic Value

This shells are a waste commodity with high economic value. One of them is Palm Kernel Shell uses as raw materials for activated charcoal. It is a type of carbon that has a very large surface. It is a solid porous containing 85-95% carbon. Palm kernel shells containing carbon goes through a heating process at high temperatures and produce activated charcoal. When heating takes place, the heating chamber must be completely closed to minimize air leakage in the heating room. This is so that the material containing carbon is only carbonized and not oxidized.

The manufacture of activated carbon goes through the first several stages, namely the process of surface heating, dehydration, carbonization, activation and neutralization as well as drying. To get palm kernel shell charcoal with good quality requires a combustion temperature between 500 – 600oC, with a burning time of 2 – 3 hours. The characteristics of quality activated charcoal include high calorific value and carbon content, low water content, sufficient ash, and volatile matter content.

The Advantages of Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal

Activated charcoal from palm kernel shell provided by Indococo has many advantages. Activated charcoal is a very effective poison absorber. Consuming activated charcoal regularly will help the body to absorb toxins from the food that enters the body. Activated charcoal is also able to stop diarrhea. It contains ingredients to relieve stomach pain and functions as a detox. In addition to removing toxins in the body, coconut shell charcoal can be useful for reducing inflammation. Toxins, bacteria, and viruses are the main causes of inflammation. In addition, palm kernel shell charcoal is also effective for treating wounds, even if it is festering wounds. The method is quite simple, just attach the activated carbon to the wound. The next benefit is to prevent hangovers.

In some countries, people often consume activated charcoal after experiencing a hangover from consuming alcoholic beverages. Activated charcoal is effective in filtering various harmful substances contained in water. It acts as a filter material to purify water so that the water is fit for consumption. In the realm of beauty, activated charcoal can lighten the skin and whiten the teeth. The carbon content in activated charcoal effectively removes dirt that sticks to the surface of the skin, removes dead skin, and makes skin brighter. Likewise for dental care, mixing a little activated charcoal in toothpaste can help whiten teeth. For further information about the palm kernel shell, you can visit Indococo website. You can also connect via WhatsApp number.