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Potatoes are one type of plant that has many benefits. Potatoes can be used for cooking and also as a beauty ingredient. Therefore, many people are trying to grow potatoes so they can harvest potatoes without having to buy them. In order for potatoes to thrive, you will need to grow bags for potatoes.

If you wish to grow potatoes using the best grow bags for potatoes, this article is the best answer for you. The reason is, we will provide an explanation regarding various ways to plant potatoes properly using these grow bags.

Prepare Grow Bags to be Used as Planting Containers

Of course the first thing you have to do is prepare the container or grow bags first. You can buy these grow bags at online or offline gardening shops. There are many sizes and types of grow bags on the market. You can choose the type and size of the grow bags according to your needs.

However, if you are planting not too many potatoes and your yard area is small, just use small or medium grow bags. However, if you want to grow potatoes for sale or in large quantities over a large area of your yard, use large grow bags.

After buying grow bags, make 3-4 holes on the sides and bottom of the grow bags. It aims to provide air access for the growing media for potato plants. Regarding the type of potato used, choose good potato seeds. You can buy them from garden stores as well.

In addition, also prepare the fertilizer that will be used to fertilize your potato plants. It is better if you use compost compared to chemical fertilizers so that the potato plants can grow better. Use a 2:1 mixture of soil and organic fertilizer as a planting medium for the potato plants.

Next, Start Planting Potatoes

After you have selected the best rated grow bags for potatoes, potatoes and growing media, now is the time to plant the potatoes. How to plant it can be started by spreading the potato seeds in grow bags for potatoes. Another way is to plant potato shoots in the planting medium that has been included in the grow bags.

The planting medium that is put into the grow bags must fill the container as much as ⅔ of the planting container. If you choose to plant seed potatoes, plant 3-4 seeds in the prepared planting medium. The seeds were planted at a depth of 7 cm from the surface of the planting medium.

After planting, you need to water the potatoes regularly every day. However, don’t overwater it. If the potatoes get too much water, the potato seeds will rot and cannot grow.

If you have done this method, the potatoes will start growing on the 10th day. You must continue to carry out maintenance by watering the potatoes regularly every day with sufficient quantity of water. Later, after one month of planting, the potatoes will grow taller. That’s when you need to add the planting medium.

However, you should not place the potatoes in direct sunlight. The reason is, it will make the potatoes change color. The occurrence of a change in the color of the potato will make the potato have toxic compounds and cannot be consumed.

Now you know how to use grow bags for potatoes as containers for growing potatoes. Apply this method and grow potatoes in your yard.

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