Coconut coir twine is the utilization of the inside of the coconut skin which is used as a fiber to a net. This utilization is done because it has positive uses in everyday life.

Initially, the skin was wasted without being used on all sides. However, the discovery that leather can be used as a fiber has implications for turning it into agricultural and environmental uses.

This diversity of use is inseparable from its strength and durability. It is known to have a strong fiber pull, strong enough to withstand various extreme obstacles with variations in environmental conditions.

Certain soft uses such as house mats and decorations are also applicable. Therefore, there is no limit to its use and even has tremendous benefits.

4 Benefits of Coconut Coir Twine

Coconut coir twine is obtained naturally before being processed into certain products. The natural properties with the content of 100% natural fiber really give a real impact functionally. In its use, there are various advantages when applying it. The advantages that can be seen are as follows.

1. Lasts for years

With the fiber’s capabilities, the tendency to use it for years or even decades is very large. Moreover, in its type it has various thickness, diameter, weight, and other specifications. The level of durability is considered very high compared to other fiber materials. 

Regardless of the variety of models and types available, coconut coir twine is not very susceptible to damage. Even in extreme conditions or situations, the ability to survive with the same color and thickness is very possible.

2. High Level of Stability

For long-term use, the level of stability is very important. Stability here is meant as the same ability over a long duration.

Coconut coir twine really has these characteristics. Consistency of quality with a duration that is not short. The material contained does not decrease significantly over time during use.

Moreover, it is very suitable for long-term use. So that the current use can remain stable because it does not experience major technological disruptions as long as the basic ingredients remain the same.

3. Durability with Heavy Duty

As previously mentioned, coconut coir twine is the best fiber in the face of various environmental conditions and challenges. It puts up with big jobs. In fact, it is widely used in projects that involve ground movement, shocks, and so on. 

This type of fiber is projected to be able to pass through it. Moreover, in its use it is often associated with a net. In this case, the strength is gathered together in an adjusted thickness and length

4. Environmental Friendly

Lastly, coconut coir twine is a part of nature that does not pollute the environment. Derived from its skin does not make it haram for the environment itself.

By winning the best biodegradable, this material has no other reason not to be the main choice in its use. Starting from farmers to families at home are very dependent on these materials.

These four advantages are the reasons why their use is so wide and diverse in various sectors. The ability possessed by the coconut coir twine is the main factor to be considered.

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