What Is the Best Mulch Australia – Mulch is a certain material that gardeners can use to cover a field or area. With two main benefits of mulch, namely maintaining moisture retention in the soil and keeping the soil temperature cool, and therefore plants can produce more fruit (high yielding).

The simple language that may be understandable from this mulch is: ground cover material. Mulch were used since ancient times and facts have proved in plants grown with mulch bear more fruit than plants with open ground or without mulch. This time we will present you, what is the best mulch australia you need to know.

What is the Best Mulch Australia for Plants

What Is the Best Mulch Australia? Mulch is used in gardens to slow down moisture loss, to inhibit weed growth. And also to change the microclimate around our plants. What we need are just decide and choose the best mulch for ground.

Types of Mulch

There are 3 types of mulch can used as the ground cover material for plants. Below are some examples depending from what is used for:

Organic Mulching

Organic Mulch is mulch made of harvest residual materials such as straw, grass clippings, newspapers, compost, raw husks, leaves. For example banana leaves, leaves of pine or spruce trees, trunks, twigs and so on.

There are several advantages of using organic mulch, namely as follows:

  • It is more economical because the materials for mulching are in the form of plant debris. And there is no need to spend money on it.
  • Materials for organic mulch are easy to obtain
  • The materials for organic mulch can be easily decomposed. So that it can increase the content of organic matter in the soil.
  • Organic mulch is also able to lower the temperature of the soil and suppress soil erosion so that it is good for cultivated plants.

In addition to its many advantages, organic mulch has several disadvantages, one of which is that organic mulch cannot be used again for the next planting period.

– Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch is a type of mulch made from synthetic materials that are difficult to decompose. Some examples of mulch that are classified as inorganic mulch are plastic mulch, silver black plastic mulch (MPHP), as well as rocks such as gravel, coral, and bricks.

Mulch made of plastic material is generally used for cultivating horticultural crops such as chili, eggplant, tomato, etc. While mulch from rocks is generally used for ornamental plants in pots.

Living Mulch

Living mulch plants provide many benefits to their friends in the garden and animate the soil. The most common types of living mulch for vegetable gardens focus on installing nitrogen and breaking up the soil. Live mulch as a ground cover is used to keep weeds down, save moisture and fill the gaps in the landscape.

Final Words

So, what is the best mulch Australia you can choose for your plants? Depending on what the use is for, from the 3 types above you can choose as a mulching medium that can be adjusted to what you plant.

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