Coir matting erosion control is an implication of coconut coir which has sufficient resistance to prevent erosion. The fiber contains coconut fibers which are known to be very resistant to wind and rain.

The strength possessed is in accordance with the characteristics and problems that often occur. The presence of soil moisture with marked displacement of soil grains is one sign of the appearance.

Usually, high rainfall and strong winds greatly affect soil conditions. Therefore, there needs to be early prevention with certain media that are relevant to the existing problems.

It is the fiber that is considered the most appropriate. With the use of renewable technology, it can produce stronger resistance than other materials.

How is the Coir Matting Erosion Control Process?

Basically, this material application can be done on beaches and slopes. The existing soil conditions have the potential before it becomes a landslide. 

The coir matting erosion control process is the right step. Durability for years to decades is the reason behind it.

In addition, the stability resulting from the weight of the fiber bundle is able to withstand the large currents that occur. Usually it is always used in vulnerable areas so that the required process takes time.

This selection is a cheap and easy way to find. Besides being easy to find, the application is not difficult. The installation method is to roll up the coconut coir. 

Then, the fused one is collected with other environmentally friendly materials, such as burlap sacks. The next thing to do is tie a rope from a fishing net 5 to 10 meters long. Then, until it becomes like a carpet roll with a diameter of 25 to 50 centimeters.

The process of applying coir matting erosion control is the main choice because of its natural nature and without artificial. Interesting because it is supported by adequate facilities.

Material and Specifications Used

To withstand such a large and swift current, of course, it is necessary to choose the appropriate material. Moreover, get environmentally friendly materials.

In fact, the coir used in coir matting erosion control is strong enough for transporting goods or people. Often and recently informed, used for goods. This durability is certainly supported by 100% natural fiber material. 

The completeness of the materials used are pure coconut tree fibers. There is no question about its durability, but focus on the thickness it has. It can be installed with a request of 5 to 10 millimeters.

This difference is an initial specification which confirms that this difference is adjusted to the needs and conditions of the room. Estimated installation will be up to 5 years so the durability is sufficient to prevent unconditional impact.

Coir matting erosion control is a typical solution offered from coconut husks. The light brown color along the fiber is highly anticipated and is believed to be an inhibitor.

As a step and effort in controlling it the use of coconut fiber is very appropriate. The resistance is in line with the problems encountered. With complete materials and other elements, the guarantee of coir matting erosion control is eagerly awaited.

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