Coconut coir netting

What is coconut coir netting? Coconut coir netting, known also as cocomesh, is a product made from coconut coir or fiber. It is often used for farming and other sectors as this material can bring many benefits. Besides, coconut is also one of the renewable resources that can be used anytime. So, where is the net better to use, and what are its benefits? Check them out.

Sloping Land

Sloping land is an area that is suitable for the coconut net. The main reason is that this area is prone to erosion. Yes, compared with other areas, the surface of sloping land tends to be eroded by water when it rains. If you let it that way, the land slowly loses its nutrients and it can no longer be used as planting media.

Coconut coir netting

Of course, the coconut net is one of the solutions to this problem. You can use the net to bring extra protection to the soil. So, how do I use it? First of all, apply the coconut net on the surface of the land. Make sure that it spreads well to cover the land area to plant. Next, put seeds evenly on the net. From time to time, the root produced brings permanent vegetation to the area.

The coconut coir net also works to keep the seed so that it will not be washed away when the rainy season comes. Not only the seed but also the soil and all the natural nutrients contained inside will always be in this place. This effort is proven to be effective in improving crops.

Ex-Mining Area Reclamation

The coconut net is also beneficial for the reclamation of ex-mining areas. When land has been used for mining, undeniably, the condition must be damaged. It takes a long time to recover before being used for other necessities.

Well, this makes using the net become one of the solutions you can do. This material is very effective in keeping water and maintaining the moisture of the soil. The recovery process can be faster and you can use it for other activities such as farming.

Coconut Coir Netting As a Part of the Road Construction

Yes, this is right. Some countries use the coconut coir net for many types of construction particularly the flat area like the road. You should know that the coconut fiber itself has a strong characteristic mainly if it has been twisted well. More than that, this ingredient also has a high density to sustain other materials or burdens above it.

That’s why many developers choose the coconut net as a part of the road construction. This material used before the final surface is commonly made from rocks or concrete. As a result, the road tends to be harder and much sturdier. It is also strong enough to hold burdens like vehicles that pass on it.Although it is quite uncommon, developers also use it for other construction types such as houses and buildings. But sure, it needs other supporting materials to make sure that the net can work well on them. It is reasonable then to say that coconut coir netting is beneficial for many sectors.

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