coir landscape matting

Coir landscape matting is one of the products made from coconut coir. This product has a lot of benefits due to the characteristics of the material. The benefits below will explain why this product is popular in the market. 

Preventing Soil Issues 

Coir mats are popular for farmers who apply organic farming methods. They often use coir landscape matting for covering the soil surface. As a natural fiber, coir mats can hold water longer. As a result, this material keeps the soil moist and healthy. Soil that is covered by coir mats can also keep all the essential compounds and microbes. As a result, it prevents erosion, soil hardening, and compaction. The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants that grow there. 

Useful Home Appliance

Coir landscape matting is also useful for a home appliance. A coir mat is an anti-slick product. Users can put it in the entrance or all slick areas. They can walk through it without worrying about getting slipped anymore. In some countries, people use this material as a snow path. Manufacturers often mix this material with hardening PVC. The function of this mixture is to make the coir mat stable and hold its shape. They often produce coir mats in a variety of thicknesses. This material works by absorbing the moisture in the area to keep it dry. 

Easy to Manage 

This material is easy to manage. You can cut it according to the size you need. The cutting process doesn’t require complicated tools. You only have to trim the coir mat down with a sharp knife. That’s it! You are ready to use the mat. The result is also tidy enough. Cutting it doesn’t damage the mat. 

Easy to Customize 

Do you have a plan to sell mats? Why don’t you sell coir mats? This material is also easy to customize to become a new product you want. For example, you can mix it with a hardening PVC to make it stable. It is okay if you want to customize this material with colors. As a result, your coir landscape matting product will be more unique and different than ordinary mats. This customization can also increase the selling point of the mat. 

Easy to Maintain

You don’t need to get confused if you don’t need this mat anymore. A coir mat is made from coconut. It means that it is environmentally-friendly material. Instead of throwing them away in the garbage or burning it, you can put them in a compost bin. Slowly but surely, the coir mat will disappear and you have good fertilizer for your soil.  

Improve Soil Structure 

Some road contractors use coir mats in their projects. This material helps to fill gaps between roadways. At the same time, the natural mats can also improve the quality of the soil. It keeps the water circulating well to prevent soil erosion that damages the road. It can be time to consider coir landscape matting whether for personal or commercial usage. This product is not only giving a lot of advantages but it is also easy to find.

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