A coconut coir net can be something that is planted in the garden. Coconut Coir or coco coir is now increasingly popular with hydroponic plants. Try adopting this in the garden and start using the outermost layer of this coconut for flexible needs too.

Coconut coir refers to fibrous husks to resemble pithy dust. The outer layer of this ripe coconut is what is needed, including the coconut shell. However, it will also be essential to note that all these layers have to be extracted for use.

Coconut coir has been used for a long time, and when farmers harvest coconuts, it can be used as a growing medium. Coconut coir net is beneficial for gardening and other home products. So that the seeds make practical use of the soil for the garden.

Coir or coconut fiber is one of the popular growing media. So for everything about hydroponics, coconut can be used as a growing medium. The advantages of coir soil are that it is light, loose, airy, and has holding moisture that can drain the seed well.

How to Choose the Best Quality Coconut Coir Net

To get all benefits from the use of coconut coir, what needs to be paid attention to is the agricultural sector. Make sure that the coconut coit substance is suitable for the ecosystem. So that the quality obtained can be used to grow your plants properly.

From the start, ensure that you have a compressed and dry coconut coir net block. This is a fundamental way to get the most out of this coconut husk and fiber extraction. Because with dry, nutrients can more easily emerge in the soil.

In addition, coconut coir is also recommended for those that have been contaminated with soil. This is claimed to facilitate the process of transferring nutrients from the coconut skin to the soil. So that the contaminated soil can accelerate the growth of plants on it.

If Ana holds a coconut coir net, you will feel that this type of soil has a different texture. This is also its hallmark, namely the fiber content in it. Make sure you can choose coconut coir which has a higher fiber content to make it easier for potting mixes.

The Main Features that are the Main Selling Points

Once you find the coconut coir content that is most suitable for plant-growing media, the information doesn’t end there. There is still a lot of relevant information that needs to be known. So start to understand about coconut coir through the main selling features, namely:

  1. Yield – Gives more significant results and takes less time
  2. pH value – pH range of 5.2-6.8, so it is claimed to be the most suitable for plant growth
  3. Low Maintenance – retains to moisture and less maintenance required
  4. Reusable – Can be reused without reducing the quality and also durable
  5. Available Nutrients – Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, and Nitrogen

Now you know about the qualities of coconut coir, and may feel that now is the time to use this type of soil in the garden. But actually, there are many other things about coconut coir net to know to get the best quality too.

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