coir erosion control

The coir erosion control has been known by people out there. It effective to avoid that disaster. Beside that the installation is also easy. The shape of this item is like a mat or blanket. 

If you want to use it, make sure to choose the right one based on the slope, land size, water flow, up to longevity. Many areas decide to use the biodegradable mat such as the straw blanket and coir geotextilE. 

Basically, it creates a stabilization and biodegrading into the environment around it. The good thing is that this coir erosion control will not harm any animals or plants near it. It supports a way to safe your nature and make it is healthier. 

The Mat or Blanket Types

One of the types you can find in the market is in a form of mat or blanket. For your information it is the strongest biodegradable material in the market since 4 up to 6 years ago. 

People usually use this item for several areas such as slope, etc. It is more for the places that need the long term support, especially when the vegetation there takes root. 

Most of the coir erosion control products come with an open weave netting concept. The goal is for handling seeding after or even before the installations. 

Installing this item is also really easy because you just need to buy or make the accessories. These accessories are like a huge nail to tightening the corners.

It is a natural and effective way to solve erosion problem really well. Make sure to use the right size this cocomesh because every land have the different measurement.

How to Make this Coir Erosion Control Worked Well

Although this Cocomesh is good and effective to avoid erosion, make sure to understand some ways of how to install it properly. The characteristic of this item is organic. 

You can say that this coir erosion control is the sea wall where it may become a green belt. It is due to it’s functiom to take care of the sea ecosystem naturally. 

It is basically an easy and affordable way To protect the sea shore area in several countries. As you could see that it is made from the Cocomesh and net. Please ensure to tie them strongly.

The coir erosion control is effective to handle the wave. However you should be paying attention to the type Of the waves. It should not that strong, by the way. 

How if the beach has a really strong wave? If that was the situation, you may use some wooden pegs. Install them properly so that they don’t get easily broken. 

How to Make this Coir Mat

This mat is a twisted coconut fiber. Its function is to prevent soil from landslides and erosion. The manufacturing process is quite unique, by hooking a string of coconut husk to the spinning machine. 

Then, the veins of coconut husk or the fiber are connected to a length of 15 meters. To connect it, the officer must walk backwards while twisting to the right size. 

Next, the coconet is woven two meters wide before then it is rolled up. That is why; it is not only effective, but also natural for coir erosion control.

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