cocopeat Mexico

Cocopeat Mexico is one of the media for planting that is in great demand today. If you ever open a coconut, there is a fiber-like and stringy interior inside. This part is the basis to make cocopeat. Also known as coir, here is the explanation about cocopeat. For those who start to learn to plant, knowing this information is important for you. 

What is Cocopeat?

Even though potting soil is available and ready to use, this soil has drawbacks. Usually, it doesn’t drain well, and it causes the growth of the plant to be not maximum. One of the alternatives for potting soil is the use of cocopeat soil. This soil from husk of coconut and has various benefits not only for plants but also for the environment because it is reusable.

Cocopeat soil commonly sold as cocopeat block in the market is naturally anti-fungal. It helps the plants grow better. The anti-fungal function here is useful as well for other products of coconut husk such as rugs, brushes, ropes, and stuffing. Compared to the soil, cocopeat will retain much more water and release it to plants’ roots. So, the plants will get better watering compared to when they use soil.

Types of Cocopeat in Gardening

There are three types of cocopeat Mexico for plants that are coir, coco fiber, and coconut chips. Just like peat moss, coir is often pressed into bricks, so it has to be soaked first. Also called coir dust, you can use this type of cocopeat to grow several plants such as orchids, ferns, anthurium, and ferns. 

Another type of cocopeat is coco fiber. It is the brick type that mix with soil to create a better air pocket bringing oxygen to plants. Meanwhile, coconut chips are available as well. You can use it to make water stable while aerating soil. The combination of those types of cocopeat can be a good idea as the medium for a variety of plants. With the high demand today, cocopeat export products can be found easily in many countries. 

Tips Using Cocopeat in Gardening

For those who plan to use cocopeat, there are several tips here. First, because the brick type of cocopeat cannot be used directly, the gardener must put the brick in 5-gallon buckets of water. Adding the water with warm water is recommended to help the cocopeat soak well. After that, break the brick and let the coir soak for about 2 hours. To get a better result for plants, mix it with fertilizer too. 

In the cocopeat bricks, there is plenty of potassium like iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. Thus, it is a good choice for gardeners to choose this medium for their plants. For the gardeners who like to combine soil and cocopeat, it is recommended to use 40% of the medium. In addition, the last tip in using the cocopeat Mexico is that all gardeners have to moisten it well. Checking the medium frequently is a must to know the water needs.

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