Cocopeat vietnam

There are still other planting media, cocopeat one of them. Cocopeat Vietnam is included in the hydroponic growing medium which is organic, because it is made from coconut fiber powder. Coconut fiber powder is quite easy to find around the house. So it is not uncommon for us to see this planting method applied in each house.

Why is Cocopeat Vietnam Good for Soil Fertility?

Since cocopeat is a powder, it can be obtained using the way coconut husk is finely ground first. One of the benefits of using cocopeat as a hydroponic planting medium is that it can retain water and has quite a lot of chemical elements. So it’s good for your soil fertility.

Advantages of Cocopeat Vietnam

Cocopeat Vietnam has a Ph between 5.7 to 6.8 so it is very good for the growth of any plant. This hydroponic planting media is usually used to be mixed first with other materials such as burnt husks in a ratio of 50:50 whose purpose is none other than to increase the aeration of the planting medium.

As an organic planting medium, cocopeat has several advantages or advantages over other planting media. The advantages of Cocopeat include:

The Texture Is Similar To the Ground

When plant in the ground, the shape and texture of cocopeat Vietnam resembles the soil and its fine grains make the plant adaptable as well. The difference between Cocopeat and soil planting media is only in its nutrient content where Cocopeat does not contain nutrients such as soil. Therefore, to grow plants with Cocopeat, plants are also need nutrient solutions.

Can Absorb Water Well

Cocopeat Vietnam is a planting medium that has a fairly high water absorption capacity and can store a greater amount of water. Cocopeat can store and retain water 10 times better than the soil and this is very good.

Environmentally Friendly

Cocopeat Vietnam is very environmentally friendly and can degrade in the soil well. Cocopeat can also be recycled back into a new planting medium, of course, with some certain processes.

More Pest Resistant

Some types of pests, such as pests that come from the soil do not like being in cocopeat and this can certainly protect plants better and protect them from pest attacks.

Easier For Beginners

For you that are just starting to learn to grow plants hydroponically, you must growing your plants with cocopeat. Cocopeat is easy to use when first planting because of its soil-like shape and texture.

Final Word

Getting maximum results in growing plants, you can achieve with cocopeat vietnam. Try it now for a fertile soil solution for your plants now. If you interest to know more about cocopeat and other coconut coir products, you can visit our website. You can also click here to get the best quality of cocopeat.