Coconut Brick for Plants
Coconut brick for plants

In recent years, coco coir has been a popular growing medium among gardening enthusiasts. Made from biodegradable and natural material, coconut brick for plants come with a lot of benefits. If you want to join the trend, be sure to learn what it has for your green babies.

Coconut coir comes from coco dried and ground coco husks. The sustainable growing medium is not as abundant as potting soil but it is highly reusable, allowing you to extend its lifespan so you don’t need to change the medium frequently.

Why Using Coconut Brick for Plants

If you have been using potting soil, perlite, or vermiculite for the whole time, coco coir can be something new. Here are some reasons why coconut coir bricks can be an excellent option for your plants.

coconut fiber
Coconut brick for plants
  1. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Coco coir serves as a sponge that absorbs and retains water and nutrients, providing a steady supply of essential nutrients. Your plant roots can take it whenever needed, making coco coir an efficient medium to support plant growth.

  1. Water Efficiency

Coconut bricks for plants can improve water efficiency. This is because coco coir has water retention properties that help reduce the frequency of watering. It makes sure your root is well-hydrated while ensuring it is not drowned in the water. This benefit is ideal for regions with dry climates.

  1. Optimized Aeration

Coco coir is naturally light and has airy texture. The loose growing medium promotes excellent aeration that prevents soil compression. It allows plant roots to grow steadily and healthily, not to mention it promotes root strength.

  1. Disease Resistance

Coco coir bricks feature anti-fungal properties that make them resistant to soil-borne pathogens and diseases. It prevents fungal growth on the growing medium, so you can use it multiple times without risking the health of your plants.

  1. Sustainable

If you’re concerned about the environment, coconut bricks for plants can be the best alternative growing medium. Coco coir is eco-friendly as it is made from biodegradable material—it is a coconut by-product, which is a renewable resource.

As a comparison, peat moss is a non-renewable and unsustainable resource that is not an ideal choice for growing media.

coconut fibre
Coconut brick for plants

Coconut coir is a multipurpose material with various applications in gardening. How to use coconut coir for plants is relatively simple with rehydration and fertilization processes. Once the coir is ready, you can use it as a soil amendment.

Coconut coir is also an ideal growing medium for container, thanks to its water retention property and light weight. Coco coir brick is popular in hydroponic system for it has excellent nutrient absorption that promotes plant growth without soil.

Seed starting is another popular application of coconut coir. It has a fine and loose texture that provides an ideal environment for germinating seeds. Besides, coco coir offers good balance of aeration and mixture to promote germination.

Coco coir serves as an innovative way to optimize plant growth without harming the environment. Coconut brick for plants is excellent as it is made of biodegradable material that is sustainable, which means it is more eco-friendly compared to peat moss and perlite.

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