coco peat coco coir

Coco peat coco coir is a natural fiber found from the extraction of coconut fiber. This material is placed between the inner hard shell and the outer layer. It tends to be lightweight caused by cavities produced from dried cells after the coconut is picked from the tree. This material is known to be durable and strong for some active substances such as lignin.

Coco coir itself is commonly a waste for production. For example, when the coconut is taken for food ingredients, it means that the shell and fiber will not be used. Here are the coco peat producers who buy them to be processed into their products. Coco peat itself is well-known for planting media for its effectiveness in absorbing water. But more than that, this material is used also for some other products as follows.

Coco Peat Coco Coir for Car Seats

One of the characteristics of coco peat coco coir is its high flexibility. It stretches well into a certain width so that it is very suitable for soft products like car seats. For this benefit, it is not surprising that many famous automotive brands use cococoir as a part of their car seats.

Well, those brands include Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Opel. Sure, the coco coir they choose is the one that has passed through a set of quality tests. It is to make sure that their car seats are not only good in quality but also comfortable to use. In addition, this material is also highly used for other vehicle products such as seats in planes and trains.

Is there any other reason why those brands use cococoir? Aside from being flexible, coco coir is also environmentally friendly. It makes their products pass environmental certifications more easily.

coco peat coco coir

Mattress and Home Furniture

The flexibility and solidness also make coco coir suitable for certain home furniture such as mattresses, cushions, and sofas. This material is even more recommended for people with health problems like back pain. Yes, based on some research, people with backbone problems find their conditions are relieved after using mattresses or chairs with coco coir as the filling.

This material is considered very durable, anti-fungi, and anti-bacterial. In the production process, coco coir has passed through a drying process to make sure it is completely dry and not moist. If you accidentally wet the furniture with coco coir, the drying process is also quite fast.

Planting Media

Coco coir coco peat is a popular planting medium for many reasons. First of all, it absorbs water better even than soil to keep the plant hydrated. That’s why many people choose this media for their hydroponic plants. It also has plenty of mineral content such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Next, the pH level is also ideal for many types of plants, it ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. The plant tends to grow well at that level. Coco coir also can bind and absorb oxygen well and keep it as a supply. More importantly, coco peat coco coir is hygienic with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal systems. In ideal condition, the plant can be free from problems without you having to add pesticides.

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