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Growing plants with coco coir gives you a lot of benefits. Not only is it good for plants, but also it is highly reusable, making it a cost-effective option for gardening. Fortunately, coco coir bricks bulk is now available to help you streamline the budget even more efficiently.

Bulk coco coir blocks can fit various applications. Available in a cheaper price than smaller packages, it can last for years. It is also easier to store, thanks to compressed brick form that makes it fit snuggly in the corner of your garage or garden shed.

Why You Need to Choose Coco Coir Bricks Bulk

Whether you are a recreational or expert gardener, having a coconut coir brick is a must. The growing medium comes in various sizes but brick bulks are highly recommended. Here are some reasons why bulk coco coir bricks can be a better option.

  1. Cheaper Price

Coconut doesn’t naturally grow in subtropical countries, thus coconut products like coco fiber or coco coir can be rather hard to find, especially in local markets. Having that said, you can find some stores provide this gardening supply in a slightly high price.

Good news, coco coir bricks bulk is normally cheaper than smaller packages. The price may be higher but when you calculate, the price per gram for bulk version is cheaper.

  1. Last Longer

The brick bulk technically contain more coconut coir than the small size. For example, a 650g coconut coir can expand to 10L. If you are an expert gardener who plants a lot, purchasing a bulk coir brick gives you more time before the next purchase.

It is also worth noting that coco coir is reusable, so you can re-use it multiple times before it expires. That means the bulk brick can last longer and you do not necessarily need to buy another batch of coco coir in the short future.

  1. Fit for Any Applications

Coconut coir is ideal for various purposes. When you buy a large package, you can use it not only for gardening but also craftwork such as doormats, brushes, and carpets. Buy a bulk of coco coir and this multipurpose material can be utilized to your desire.

coco coir bricks bulk

How Long Is the Lifespan?

When applied as a growing medium, coco coir bricks bulk can last for several years before it expires. According to some references, coir fiber can last from 8 to 10 years. However, the duration heavily depends on several factors like coir quality, watering frequency, type of plants, and maintenance.

Reusing coconut coir is completely safe. This growing medium is less likely to harbor disease and pests compared to soil. It is also worth noting that coco coir is sturdy to reuse 2 or 3 times. Always keep in mind to clean and sterilize the coir before reusing it for another plant.

Coco coir bricks bulk can be a great option for expert and recreational gardener. Instead of buying smaller packages, bulk coir brick offers cheaper price and lasts longer than the smaller size. In addition, you can also use it for other purposes than gardening.


Growing plants with coco coir offers numerous advantages, from its benefits for plants to its high reusability, making it a cost-effective choice for gardening. Luckily, bulk coco coir bricks are now readily available, further enhancing budget efficiency.

Bulk coco coir blocks are versatile and cost-effective. They come in larger quantities at a cheaper price compared to smaller packages, offering long-lasting use. Moreover, their compressed brick form makes them easy to store, fitting neatly into your garage or garden shed.

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