Affordable Indonesia Cocopeat Brick

Indonesia cocopeat brick 650 gr price is affordable growing medium compared to another product with benefits given. This product is a multi-purpose growing medium with many advantages as a potting mix addition, soil-less medium, hydroponics grower, and many more. Cocopeat brick support as an alternative to perlite media and Rockwool. They are also known as coco coir. This product has strong water retention properties while allowing air to enter the roots because its unique, organic compound, cocopeat block, can support strong root growth due to the longer lifespan of plants. For these reasons, cocopeat has grown in popularity among home gardeners. Also, this material is already favorite for the horticulture and agriculture industries.

First, when you want to choose this product because Indonesia cocopeat brick 650 gr price is affordable, consider the benefits; we need to know its product. Peat is soft spongy plant material. For the cocopeat, its role is as a substitute for peat moss in gardening. Brown cocopeat comes from ripe coconuts, while younger coconut produces white coir peat. To make cocopeat, the waste from coir or fiber-like things needs to wash, treat, dry, and graded. It may ship in powder, but we compress them into the brick. To make the manufacture easy to send, package, and store.

How many Indonesia Cocopeat Brick 650 gr Price and benefits?

Cocopeat brick 650 gr price can differ from each manufacture depends on the store where you buy. Commonly, it sells for $1 to $5. Its still affordable considering the many benefits this product gives rather than using conventional soil. Cocopeat is naturally waterproof in purpose to resist saltwater damage. Cocopeat can hold the amount of water and release it slowly, so it suits a plant that needs to stay hydrated in potting or hydroponic. Also, it has a neutral pH balance and is widely available, and is most known as environmentally friendly. These qualities make it an ideal substance for agriculture and horticulture by using cocopeat. In use for a replacement for traditional peat moss to supplement gardening soil. We also used it as a soil-less medium for some exotic plant cultivation. 

By itself, cocopeat does not contain an exorbitant amount of nutrients, so you need to add some fertilizer to it. For this reason, some manufactures have already given some additional to this gardening soil.  But to ensure you can read the package, is the product you buy is already add fertilizer or not. This cocopeat brick is free of fungus and bacteria and is insect and mold repellent. One of the cocopeat most attractive qualities is that we can reuse it more than three times, making it more sustainable. Considered environmentally friendly and widely available, and cocopeat makes excellent additional many purposes for growing medium.  To get the best Indonesia cocopeat brick 650 gr price, you can ask some manufacturer to consult which suits your garden needs most. You can click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] for more information.