Virgin coconut oil is a good coconut innovation product to be trusted to have more benefits because the quality is relatively higher than the common coconut oil. Is it true? You can get some virgin coconut oil benefits before you use it. The coconut oil passes a different extraction process from the fresh coconut milk. It has some steps of the making process for virgin coconut oil. 

1. Increasing Cognitive Functions 

One of virgin coconut oil benefits comes from triacylglycerides or medium-chained triacylglycerides. The heart can absorb it more than other fatty acids. However, it can increase a body’s metabolism process. It means that you can process this healthy fatty acid longer to be ketone. Old people face a reduction in sugar metabolism in the brain. It will make the brain lack energy, which increases Alzheimer’s risks. To replace the use of glucose as an energy source, the brain can use alternative energy. Besides its low carbohydrate diet, ketone assumption can provide up to 70% of brain energy needs. 

2. Killing Dangerous Microorganisms 

Virgin coconut oil benefits come from laurate acid. More than 50% of the fatty acid in virgin coconut oil is laurate acid. When you digest it, this healthy fatty acid will change to monolaurin. Laurate acid and monolaurin can kill dangerous pathogens causing infections such as bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Both substances in virgin coconut oil can kill dangerous pathogens. There will be some bacteria potentially causing the death of both compounds. Those are Staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa. 

3. Reducing Convulsions Frequency 

The content of MCT in virgin coconut oil can be directly sent to the heart for processing to ketone and sent to the brain as the best energy source. You can consume coconut oil routinely as the low carbohydrate diet leaves the ketone concentration in the blood. It helps to reduce seizures. There will be some working principles of the ketone. It reduces oxidative stress due to free radicals, increasing the functions of cell parts giving energy, and keeping the substance balanced in the brain. 

4. Helping the Digestive Process

Virgin coconut oil benefits are to assist a better digestive system. It is rich in fat, helping the body absorb fat vitamins such as vitamins A, D, K, and E. Some studies show that MCT in virgin coconut oil can help the desolvation of fat. The liver will absorb MCT and change to the ketone. Ketone substances will be produced when the heart has dissolved fats in a large amount. 

5. Losing Your Weight 

The content of MCT in virgin coconut oil can give huge benefits. It can reduce hunger. MCT can release hormones increasing saturation. Virgin coconut oil benefits can reduce eating appetite for everyone. When you conduct a keto diet, the low carbohydrate assumption and MCT content stimulate ketone production. The formation process of ketone comes from the fat-burning process so that it loses weight. Those are some benefits of virgin coconut oil for your health. Try to consume it now. 

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