Coconut Husk Orchid

Coconut husk orchid is suitable for the potting medium, and it is key to keeping your orchids successfully growing. This product primarily becomes one medium potting favorite among hobbyists for growing orchid plants. Planting orchid is a hobby for some people who love ornamental flowers worldwide, as we know that the charm of the orchid flower is timeless. Orchids are ornamental plants that people who like planting flowers has not forgotten or bored. We will tell you about the benefits of using coconut husk to grow this plant. This is because few people know how to maintain orchids in this growing medium, besides many benefits of using this coconut husk increasing medium for growing orchids.

Orchid flower is always favorite and in-demand to beautify the appearance of a building, such as a house, villa, hotels, resort, and many more. A beautiful orchid can also complement the interior or exterior of building decoration, especially if you want to use a nature theme design for your building using coconut husk orchid. In Indonesia itself, there are a lot of species of orchids. There are almost twenty thousand species in nature and one thousand hybrid species of orchids. Also, this flower has a nickname for Indonesian people as the nations’ charm flower. The beauty of this flower is the primary advantage of it. In addition, the number of orchid types will always grow alongside much cultivation on this flower until today.

Why coconut husk orchid it is a suitable medium for growing orchids?

Coconut husk orchid is a coarse cut material that helps proper root aeration. It also promotes water, moisture, and nutrient retention, plus good water drainage because of the aeration on this growing medium for orchids. There are other benefits of using this product for growing orchids. First, it is rich in lignin content, making it resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. Second, we can use repeatedly it or continuously for over ten years. Of course, it will save your budget to buy more growing mediums for this plant. Also, this ever-increasing medium requires less maintenance, so you don’t always have to check your orchid.

Using coconut husk orchids reduces labor and garden maintenance if you plant this industrial plant or smell the flowers. Also, this growing medium allows the nature of pests, disease, and weeds from your orchid in the potting medium. And if you are planning to buy this product, it is considerably affordable because it is economically feasible. You can find the best quality grade of this product at a local garden center or nursery. If you hard to see it, you can buy this product online at the marketplace.

If you want to buy this product online, choose the quality brand. This is to make sure you successfully grow your plant and get all of the benefits of this product we mentioned before. You can ask the customer service online by click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] to get the best quality of their product. Plus, you can ask which one of the coconut husk orchid suits your needs for each plant.