Coco Husk Bedding

If you are a plant lover, the term Coco husk bedding should be familiar enough for you. Yes, it is a kind of planting media made from coconut fiber and commonly used to replace the soil. Coco husk is recommended for certain plants that don’t need soil including orchids.

Of course, you can just buy this planting material in the shop. But in case you want to try to make it yourself, it is just possible. It needs more effort but at the same time, you can save more money for this. So, here are some steps to make Coco husk for planting.

Choose High-Quality Coco Fiber

Yes, the main and only material of the Coco husk is the Coco fiber itself. It is not difficult to find fiber mainly if you are living in tropical areas. Commonly, the main problem is to identify if the Coco fiber bought has good quality or not.

High-quality Coco fiber has brown colors. The older it is the more color gets darker the fiber gets more and more rapid. It indicates high-quality coconut fiber for the needs of planting and animal taking care.

The price depends on the situation. If the old coconuts have many supplies, the price tends to be lower. On the other hand, if the supplies are limited, it can be more expensive. The prices are getting higher when you are living not in tropical areas. However, it is still cheaper than buying ready-to-use coco husk bedding.

Wash the Coconut Fiber

Put some amount of coconut fiber if you think it is enough for the planting media. Separate it from others and keep the rest for the stock. The coconut fiber that will be used should be washed before use. Well, there is a technique for washing coconut fiber to get the best result.

Instead of soaking the coconut fiber and making it completely wet, it is better to only pour some water on it. In other words, make it wet but not too watery to avoid the fiber to be easily rotten.

Cut the Coconut Fiber

Handheld some amount of the coconut fiber. It should not be too much or too less. One of the benefits of pouring the water into the fiber is to make it easier when you cut it anyway. Therefore, after having a proper amount of it, you can just cut it into some small pieces. Make sure to use a sharp knife since it is sometimes too tough.

Dry the Coconut Fiber

Next, dry the pieces of coconut fiber when the sun shines brightly. In case there is cloudy or something, you can use the dryer to remove the water. It has been named the coconut husk and it is ready to use.

Apply It

Lastly, apply it to the plants. Prepare the pots or containers where you can plant the plants. Pour the pieces of coco husk into the container while putting the plant in the middle. You can also add other planting materials like moss, bark, wood powder, and others depending on the type of plants you choose. So, are you interested to make Coco husk bedding yourself?

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