Coco Husk Chips

The Coco husk chips is one of the most recommended planting media for all the benefits it has. It is made from Coco fiber that is cut neatly into the form of chips or cubes. Aside from being well-known for planting, this media is often used also as a mattress when taking care of reptilians.

The main reason why people choose to use Coco husk is for its ability in tying the water. When it is placed around the root, as a result, the root simply absorbs the water and it causes plants to faster. But sure, it depends on the type of the plants. Remember that not all plants need to be in a wet environment.

The Chip of Coco husk also has some more benefits when you apply it to the right plants. So, what are the benefits? Here are the explanations.

Neutralizing the Acid Level

Coco husk is a planting medium for soilless plants like orchids and Anthurium. Such plants generally have the same characteristics, one of them is that they cannot live well in an acidic environment. So, the solution is using a kind of planting media that is base.

The Coco husk is not only base in nature. It also helps neutralize the environment so that those soilless plants can live and grow well. Too acidic planting media causes some problems for the plants. The root can be simply rotten and it enables small pests to come and multiply there.

Keep the Nutrition of Fertilizers Longer

Your plants may need fertilizers to enable them to grow well and bloom the flowers faster. Coco husk chips is a good solution as it is effective in keeping the nutrition found in the fertilizer. Interestingly, it also has a set of nutrition itself. Yes, it consists of high contents of minerals including potassium, charcoal, cellulose, tannin, and lignin. That’s why this material functions as an organic fertilizer as well.

Suitable for Some Other Planting Media

Plant lovers also like to use coco husk chips as they can combine them with other planting media. You don’t need to worry if your current planting media has been used up and there is only the Coco husk.

Yes, you can use it together with materials like cocopeat, wood powder, forest bark, corn cob, moss, and more. The combination of the Coco husk together with one of those materials doesn’t change the quality of plants planted on them.

Suitable for Planting in Dry Areas

Thanks to its ability in keeping water inside its body. It makes the Coconut chip good to use in any area, particularly dry ones. When the water is trapped in the fiber of the Coco Chip, it will not be easily vaporized no matter how thermal the temperature around. Sure, you must make sure that it is placed in a shadowy area as well.

The planting media also keeps the temperature around moist. Therefore, it doesn’t only moisten the root but also other parts of the plant through the air.

Well, for the many benefits it gives, are you interested to use the Coco husk Chip for planting?

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