coco fiber

Coco fiber is one of the components of coconut fruit which is processed and decomposed can become a product needed for the domestic market and even become a high export value product. Coco fiber and coco peat are two derivative products of coconut coir that can be processed into interior supporting materials or furniture and planting media through several studies. Manufacturers sell coconut fiber naturally or fabric-like woven into mats for lining window baskets and wire hanging planters. Like all other coir products, it has a neutral pH level, so it’s suitable for planting a wide variety of different plants and vegetables.

On average, each grain of coconut coir or in international trade is called coco fiber as much as 0.15 kilograms and coconut coir powder or coco peat as much as 0.39 kilograms. An easy way to use the product for some manufacture is to sell coco fiber, especially overseas, which has great potential for exporting coconut coir/coco fiber. We just need to consider transportation so that the price can be competitive. Especially close to important ports is the opportunity to export these products. The article below will discuss the various uses of coco fiber.

Coco fiber, the main raw material for multipurpose products

The first example of the use of coco fiber material is in the manufacture of healthy sleeping mattresses. Because when using this material can facilitate excellent air circulation in mattresses. Some models of mattresses that use this product are for hospital beds. This type also feels cooler than conventional mattresses and is good at maintaining the temperature. Some people said this mattress gives better quality sleeps. In addition, it also uses as an alternative for sound insulation or soundproofing materials implicated in studios to absorb sound for recording manufacture and sound system speakers. Especially the high demand for this product was increased due to increase content creators, such as YouTubers and podcasts. This product is also a good choice because it is more environmentally friendly than a general sound insulator.

Then the sofa production material used in household furniture also uses coco fiber. It is also a raw material for products that are used in everyday life, in-seat cushions, and sofa materials in car seats. Modern car manufacturers are currently choosing this product due to environmental issues that are increasingly being heralded. Climate change is also forcing many of us to switch to eco-friendly products. In addition to household and automotive, it also applied in the agricultural and industry. As a basis for adhesion of seeds and orchids or substitute straw to cover the soil around the tree to retain moisture. There are also those who use this product to tee off the golf course to maintain the humidity. And to keep the grass green. Moreover, coco fiber rolls are used to prevent soil erosion along banks or dams and breakwaters. Strengthen the rope that is strong and durable. It is also used for brooms and brushes for manufacturing durable carpet and building exterior dust. It makes coarse filters, such as cote powder, glue asphalt, dust resin filter. There are still many more uses of coco fiber with a lot of innovation and development.

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