Using Daily Coco Fiber Products

Using Daily Coco Fiber Products- Coco fiber is getting currently more popular, especially people are more aware about less waste. Back then, this material was use to wash the dishes but they people are no longer use it since there is a sponge. However, this material is now recognize for other uses. 

With the less waste campaign, people use natural products in their life and look for material that can be decomposed. Coconut fiber is one of natural materials that are promote to be used to create eco-friendly. Products for daily life such as for gardening, packaging, and home cleaning. 

Several Daily Uses of Coco Fiber 

  • Planting

Nowadays, this material is use for planting media. They place it in the pot when you want to plant a seed. It serves as a great media for germination. Because it has a good ability in holding water and manages it to be consume by plants. The combination of soil and coco fiber helps to drain the water in the soil for root reception so that the moisture remains under control.  It gently releases water to prevent soaking that leads to rotting roots but keep the plant stays hydrated. We often wrap this coconut fiber around the base of the plant to support its growth. We know it to have anti-fungal and anti-disease. Hence, it can be a good planting media to try especially if you are still a newbie in gardening or farming. 

  • Home cleaning 

With so many synthetic material used for home cleaning products today. Coco fiber becomes one option of you want to go natural. This material is now use to create various home cleaning products such as broom, doormats, brush, and basket.  If you want to use safer daily cleaning products for environment. You need to put those kinds of coco fiber products into your list. Once they are no longer use, you can just throw them away and we will easily decompose them without damage the surrounding environment. 

Save your environment by using daily products made from coco fiber. They won’t cause any waste and are available in affordable prices. You can get it in a store near you or online in Indonesiacocopeat WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: [email protected] for more information.