coconut fiber bedding

A mattress is a large mat that is used for sleeping. Some of us may only know a few types of mattresses that are often seen in the shopping center, they are foam mattresses, spring mattresses, and foam mattresses. This is because we could see these types in every advertisement that passes. But, did you know that it turns out that right now we have coconut fiber bedding? Not only that but the use of this type of mattress is also considered better than the mattress we usually use. How could it be? Check out the following explanation to answer your question!

1. Can relieve and treat health problems in the spine

Disorders of the spine, better known as orthopedics, can be treated by choosing the right bed. The bed that is a place to treat this disease is a coconut fiber bedding. One of the main characteristics of a mattress designed to treat health problems in the spine is its foam. Each type of mattress certainly has a different thickness and softness. However, if the mattress is specifically for orthopedics, it is designed with dense foam so that it can provide comfort and support at certain points on the body so that it is suitable for sleeping in any position and can give the wearer a feeling of relaxation. The feeling of relaxation in the wearer is also influenced by another feature of an orthopedic mattress; being able to help optimize the temperature, so that the mattress does not feel too cold or too hot when it touches the body.

2. Disliked by fungi, insects, and bacteria such as cockroaches, mites, fleas, and so on

Unlike most mattresses which contain lots of fabric and foam, this coconut fiber bedding uses sufficient foam and feels dense. Followed by coconut fiber which is designed in such a way as to coat the foam. Not only that, this mattress has antiseptic properties that can protect it from parasites attack. This antiseptic property is followed by the humidity level of coconut fiber bedding, the material of which is considered to dry faster than the other type of mattress so that fungi and other parasites will not feel comfortable living in this environment.

3. Easy to clean

The way to clean this coconut fiber bedding is not by wetting it but can be done by just letting it air out (drying it in the sun). This type of mattress should not be wetted as it will lose its orthopedic properties. Another way is to clean it using a vacuum cleaner to keep it dry. Furthermore, if you choose to use this type of mattress. It is highly recommended to buy a mattress cover, so that that part (the outermost part) is washed. If you wash this part, you don’t have to worry about losing the orthopedic properties of your mattress.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get if you already decided to use coconut fiber bedding as your mattress. Each type of mattress certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, you just need to match it according to your needs.

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