coco fiber for plants

Coconut fiber is a fibrous material you can find the coconut husk. This part is extracted from the outer part of the husk and made into a wide variety of products such as brushes, mattress, and doormats, It is gaining more popularity in gardening and horticulture as it is made into coco fiber for plants. 

Coco fiber that are used for plants is the ones taken from the ripe coconut which usually seen in brown color. It is safer to use as a planting media. Besides, there are several important benefits that it has compare with its other counterparts. 

Various Uses of Coco Fiber for Plants

People use potting soil for planting because it is easy and simple. However, it comes with several disadvantages such as ineffective drainage and the use of peat that can damage the environment. It means that this planting media is less environmentally friendly. 

How to use coco fiber for gardening

Coco fiber contains natural anti-fungal properties so that it helps to prevent your plants from fungus attack. That is why; it serves as an excellent option for planting media if you just start seeding. It is can also mix with soil to provide more supporting place for plant to grow. 

Coco fiber can improve soil ability in managing the water and improves its quality. You can see it in hydroponic production as well. Interestingly, coco fiber is not only eco-friendly but also reusable. 

If you want to re-use it, you just need to rinse and strain it. Coco fiber holds more amount of water but gradually seep it through so that it lets the roots to grow and develop optimally. 

The types

Coco fiber most likely is available in brick-liked shape and mix together with soil. The combination between coco fiber and soil create air pockets which allow to plants roots to receive more oxygen. This will help plants to grow well and prevent the roots from rotting. 

Coco fiber can be used like a peat moss too. Since it comes into brick type, sometimes people need to soak it in the water to break it apart. Then, people use it to grow many exotic plants like orchids, anthurium, ferns, and bromeliads. 

Tips for gardening

If you use coco fiber for plants but it comes in brick type, you need to provide 5 buckets of water and mix it with warm water. Break the coco fiber using your hand and soak them in the water around two hours. Coco fiber contains high amount of potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc. 

If you want to mix it with soil, you need to just use the coco fiber around 40 percent. It is because it will function as water retainer. Make sure it moist enough before you use it and check it regularly so that you when you need to water the plants. 

Using coco fiber for plants give several benefits since it contains natural properties to support plant’s growth and is environmentally friendly. 

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