Coir Pots Australia – Coconut husk which is used as an ingredient to form pots has the advantage of being able to maintain plant moisture. This function is very suitable for orchid plants. In addition, coir is relatively simple to make synchronous using expectations.

Pots made of coir also contain poly potassium, one of the nutrients needed by plants. However, coir also contains tannins in relatively poly amounts. For the use of planting media, try coir pots australia to feel the benefits for your plants.

Coir Pots Australia Best For Planting Media

Coconut husk is considered a more environmentally friendly product than peat because it is a waste product that can be renewed quickly. Coir pots Australia can improve soil drainage in plants while helping to retain moisture in quick-drying soils.

Functions of Coconut Husk for Coir Pots Australia

Since coconut husk, like peat, decomposes slowly, it creates air pockets in the soil. So that allow excess water to flow from the roots of the plant. Here are the function of coconut husk for coir pots:

Become A Planting Medium

In general, coconut shells are often used as an alternative planting medium for growing various types of plants. Especially for hydroponics.

The main material of this growing medium is coconut shells or husks that are ground into granules such as sawdust. Of course, this planting medium is very good for plants. It can retain moisture and will not wilt easily the plant.

The Function Of The Coconut Husk Plant In The Coir Pots Australia

Coir can then neutralize the pH and store the nutrients provided by the plant owner. Coconut husk is perfect for who likes to collect plants at home. Therefore, coconuts are considered unsuitable for planting in the ground because most of their content has been lost.

However, you can use coco as a ground cover, as it can help retain moisture and inhibit the growth of weeds.

Improving Soil Drainage in Plants

Another benefit of coconut husk is that it can improve soil drainage in plants while helping to retain moisture on soils that dry quickly. Given that coir decomposes slowly, it can form air pockets in the soil that allow for excess soil moisture to flow from the roots of the plant.

In the end, the coir pots australia will retain moisture so that drainage does not occur too quickly and the soil does not dry out completely. These drainage and double retention properties can allow coir to increase moisture in heavy clay soils and also dry sand layers.

The Function Of Coir Pots Australia From Coconut Husk pH Content In Plants

Furthermore, coconut husk can also neutralize pH levels and store nutrients given by plant owners. No wonder this coir is suitable for who likes to collect plants at home.


Coconut is a material that is very easy to find, but it will basically become unused waste, but in our hands it will be a useful object. Coconut husk, from coconut is very useful for plants. Try coir pots Australia now, and get the most out of your plants.

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