Coir twine is a yarn produced from the inner husk of a coconut. Twine from coconut skin is unique in terms of naturality because it is not made synthetically, it is obtained purely from coconut. The advantages of this type are very obvious over yarns from other fibers or even synthetic ones. 

This is because the main ingredients do not release chemicals that harm the ecosystem. This is respect and proud of the farmers. The durability of this thread is also its own attraction. It is able to survive during the growing season with various environmental conditions. 

Simply put, the thicker it is, the greater the durability. What’s more, you can compost it after use. As an organic material, it will decay and can use as a natural fertilizer for plants.

Using Coir Twine Correctly

The advantages that exist cannot be separated from the functions that are also comparable. In a variety of activities, this type is suitable for use in many situations. From agriculture to household use, this yarn is extremely reliable. Check out its uses and functions below.

1. Water Cultivation by Farmers

Coir Twine is generally use for marine farmers. For example, oyster farmers who cultivate sea squirt are in dire need in terms of efficiency and quality of coir.

Resilience is the reason behind it. Sea squirt cultivation is generally carried out in water that has a fairly high salt content. If using other materials, what happens is the loss of fibers and even dangerous for other biological materials.

Precisely with natural ingredients from coconut skin, it makes its durability both on land and water. Exposure to salt water will not change the level of resilience and strength of the fiber.

Farmers can use coir twine it more efficiently without thinking about the dangers and side effects of fibers such as synthetics and others.

2. Alternative Complementary Fence

Usually, fences made of wood, iron, bamboo, and the like are easily infest from pests and insects. Therefore, coir twine can also be an alternative choice in the completeness of the fence. Good fences for houses and other buildings.

It is able to keep pests and insects away from the building fence. Generally, it can be placed along a fence or a certain area. 

When compared to electric technology in fencing, it is much more affordable in terms of price and has its own beauty. So, not a few people who have used it.

3. Home Furnishings

Not only functioning in an agricultural environment, coir twine can also be the main element in home furnishings. Besides being easy to get, the price is very affordable.

Home furnishings such as clotheslines, floor mats, wall ornaments, and others can be made using them. Indeed, home furnishings seem well-maintained without extreme weather.

Therefore, resistance will actually be stronger than use for farming. Moreover, the texture that is friendly to human skin is also a contributing factor.

Natural nature is the main attraction and added value, especially for the agricultural sector. High capability and durability can make coir twine the choice of fiber material for the community.

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