coir erosion control

Today, coir erosion control is very popular around the world. In this case, you control erosion with a coco mesh. Sometimes, people call it an erosion control blanket or coir geotextile. The manufacturer uses coir fibers to make a coir mat by turning it into yarn and weaving it together. Then, it results in spaces between the weave that are large enough to let the sunlight to permeate through to the seedlings or seeds. It doesn’t only promote vegetation growth but also helps suppress weed growth and control erosion. Now, let’s discuss where to use it.

Where to Use Coir Erosion Control

We all know that erosion will remove essential nutrients from the topsoil needed for successful vegetation growth. Besides that, it interferes with the establishment of the plant’s root. Commonly, we install coir erosion control in areas where vegetation is difficult to take hold due to erosion. It includes shorelines, wetland restorations, or high-water areas. In addition, we also commonly use coco mesh to control erosion on hillsides. Other areas that are erosion-prone are arid regions like the desert, where high winds move dry sand and dirt from one place to another.

What about in wet areas? In this case, erosion leaves behind gullies in the soil and exposed plant roots, as well as visible runoff paths where muds have traveled down hillsides and destroy soil stability and vegetation as they go. In some cases, erosion can also cause mudslides. Even more, it will threaten homes. Because of that, we will need coir erosion control. Actually, there are many ways to control erosion. However, there is no more effective way than using coco mesh. But, how does it work? In this article, we will discuss it further. So, make sure that you pay attention to it carefully!

How Does Coir Erosion Control Work?

You should use a coco mesh for preventing erosion because it melds into the soil. Then, it eventually becomes part of the landscape it holds in place when plant roots get entwined in its mesh & into the soil. The longevity of coco mesh varies. However, it will be able to last up to 3 years. Naturally, this biodegradable erosion mat breaks down and absorbs moisture in order to promote vegetation growth. Then, why should you use it? Without a doubt, coco mesh is the best biodegradable erosion control.

Why Does Coir Erosion Control the Best Choice?

In the past, people considered coir a waste. Now, people use and develop a range of erosion control products. In fact, coir has the best strength & durability of any available natural fibers. Without a doubt, it belongs to the best natural fiber to protect our natural resources. In addition, it is effective to combat soil erosion issues. Besides that, coir is completely natural. Moreover, it is also biodegradable and safe for wildlife. Since there is no plastic to interfere with aquatic life, you can use coir products in different applications. And, coir erosion control is the best example.

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