coconut erosion control blanket

Coconut plants have many benefits for us, one of which is being made into a coconut erosion control blanket that can prevent landslides. Want to know what other benefits you can get from this coconut plant? Just take a look at the information we have summarized below.

Coconut fruit can be very beneficial for health and is believed to cure various diseases. The trunk itself can be made into the basic material for building houses, makeshift bridges, boats, and many others.

The leaves themselves can be used to make various high-value handicrafts such as bags, mats, and even wallets. Not only that, because there are other parts of coconut that can be used, namely coconut husks. It can be used as a coconut erosion control blanket to prevent landslides.

The Importance of Preventing Landslides With Coconut Erosion Control Blanket

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere without our knowledge. However, by knowing the causal factors, at least we can reduce the risk of the disaster so that losses due to disasters can be minimized.

One of the disasters that often occur in various countries is landslides. This disaster was caused by high rainfall and the lack of trees around the area so that the soil was no longer strong enough to hold water and landslides occurred.

The function of trees is as an adhesive and strengthening the density of the soil through their roots. So if there are fewer trees in an area, the risk of erosion and also landslides can be even greater.

Prevention you can do of course by doing reforestation or replanting trees. That way the forest can again accommodate enough rainwater and the risk of landslides can be reduced.

This processed coconut coir product has a function similar to tree roots which help glue the soil and minimize erosion that can cause landslides. Not only that, coconut fiber also has other benefits.

Benefits of Coconut Coir Apart from Coconut Erosion Control Blanket

Besides being used as a coconut erosion control blanket to prevent landslides, this coconut coir product also has many other benefits. Curious about anything? Just look at the information that we have summarized in full below.

1. Coconut coir for fuel

In ancient times people used coir and coconut shells to be used as fuel before the existence of oil and gas stoves. Even in some countries, this can still be found because it can save expenses.

2. Coir for plants

In addition to being used as a coconut erosion control blanket, coconut coir can also be used as a planting medium and plant fertilizer. Coconut coir has a neutral pH, in contrast to peat moss which is very acidic, so if it is used as a planting medium, it can make it grow well.

3. Handycrafts

Coconut coir can also be used as handicrafts that have a high enough value if sold in the market. So do not be surprised if coconut is known as a plant with a million benefits.

The reforestation process takes a long time and can take up to decades. There is no need to worry because there is an alternative method of preventing erosion, namely by using a coconut erosion control blanket.

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