Indonesia Cocopeat Block in Japan

Indonesia cocopeat block in Japan- Indonesia cocopeat is undoubtedly one of the best growing medium and soil substitutes you can use for your garden or as potting soil. Our cocopeat product currently markets in Japan, because of the qualities we always provide development above the standard. Gardener excites this natural cocopeat for its excellent water retention, absorption, aeration, and retention. Besides, this product also protects the plant from disease and has a low decomposition rate for perlite. It makes you can reuse this product each time cycle of planting. Also, as much this product is one of the most effective water retention capabilities, many gardeners optimize by adding other amendments like perlite.  

As one of the Indonesia cocopeat block in Japan exporter, we want to tell you the benefits and drawbacks of this product. There are some advantages of using cocopeat rather than peat moss or pearlite, a naturally transpiring mineral that exists in the form of volcanic glass or ash. Some people say that this perlite is a nonorganic product because it is hard to decompose. Perlite boast of high water content compared to other soil for plants. At the same time, the cocopeat is good at decomposing because this material comes from coconut husk and hundred percent natural. We can extract fiber from coconut husk shells. This product is a sponge made from crushed or softened coconut coir fiber.

What is the benefit of using Indonesia cocopeat block in Japan?

As we know before, cocopeat can retain water and keep it longer than any other soil. It is called water retention, and this product will hold. Release water slowly makes the plant in this growing medium healthier. It has pores that create it straightforward to exchange the air in a plant. Cocopeat contains Trichoderma molds, a type of enzyme from fungi that can reduce disease in the soil. Moreover, cocopeat can maintain the plants’ ground loss and firm roots. It can keep up to 16 liters of water using one kilogram of cocopeat because it can support more liquid. Indonesia cocopeat block in Japan is good to increase the porosity of dirt. If you plan to use it as mixing soil. The porosity in the ground can maintain more air for the root. So the circulation and drainage in a pot are better.

The texture of this cocopeat is the same as the dirt and suite for an alternative. But you have to know that this product has some drawbacks. Unlike the ground for soil which contains nutrients, cocopeat doesn’t contain any of it. So that is why you need an addition to growing this medium, such as fertilizer. The benefit of using cocopeat is the texture same as soil and it absorbs well. So it goes the same as the fertilizer. This cocopeat will hold and release it slowly so the plant will get the food from it better. Indonesia Cocopeat block in Japan is more durable. Easy to use for beginners who want to start plants as hobbies. The low price of cocopeat is also reasonable. If you consider buying it in our website Indonesiacocopeat. Contact us via WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: [email protected] for more information.